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Reader in Urban Design in the School of Art, Design and Architecture of the University of Huddersfield and Departmental leader for Internationalisation. I’ve got the PhD in 2006 and I graduated in Building Engineering/Architecture EU at the University of Pavia (Italy). I was appointed Assistant Professor in Architectural and Urban Design at University of Pavia in 2008. I lectured in the Double Degree Master Programme with Tongji University of Shanghai since 2009. In 2014 I was Visiting Professor at the University of Seville. Since 2002 I have organised and coordinated international design workshops in Europe, Asia, South America. I have been PI in research projects (Prin 2009). I have extensively published on architecture, urban design and urbanism. I have co-organised an international conference named “Regional Urbanism in the Era of Globalisation” (2016). I have co-curated a number of international exhibitions on architecture and urban design, as the exhibition of Chinese architect at La Triennale of Milan (2012) and the East-West China exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery (2016).

Research and Scholarship

2016 – current, Principal Investigator, Erasmus+ KA107 (Partner Countries), staff and PhD exchange with Tongji University of Shanghai (€ 46.000)

Finalised funded projects:

2012 – 2015, Co-Investigator of REA Project on “Network of Excellence for Internationalization of Architecture Education” funded by Fondazione Cariplo, with University of Pavia, University of Brescia, Politecnico di Milano (€300.000).
2012-2014 Co-PI and Scientific Responsible for University of Pavia of “IRC-2011: Innovation, research, competitiveness” between academia and union constructors, with ANCE Milano (Construction Contractors’ Association) (300k €)
2011-2013 Principal Investigator and National Coordinator of PRIN 2009: “Hypogeal design models between architecture and wellness perception” funded by University and Research National Minister (MIUR), with Universities of Pavia, Genoa, Catania, Pisa (268k €)
2008 – 2010 Co-Investigator of PRIN 2007: “Designing the underground” funded by University and Research National Minister (MIUR) (138k €)

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Delsante, I. and Miron, L. (2017) ‘Urban growth, regeneration and social inclusion in Porto Alegre: the City Entrance Integrated Programme case studyUPLanD: Journal of Urban Planning, Landscape & environmental Design , 2 (2), pp. 239-254. ISSN 2531-9906

Delsante, I. and Bertolino, N. (2017) ‘Urban spaces’ commoning and its impact on planning: a case study of the former Slaughterhouse Exchange Building in MilanDer Offentliche Sektor - The Public Sector , 43 (1), pp. 45-56. ISSN 1563-4604


Delsante, I (2016) ‘Urban environment quality assessment using a methodology and set of indicators for medium-density neighbourhoods: a comparative case study of Lodi and GenoaAmbiente Construido (Built Environment) , 16 (3), pp. 7-22. ISSN 1415-8876

Delsante, I (2016) ‘Shanghainese sub-urbanism. Features, rise and trends towards unified urban and rural development’. In: Study on Architecture and Urban Spatial Structure in China’s Mega-Cities Suburbs. Milan, Italia: Universitas Studiorum S.r.l. - Casa Editrice. pp. 113-124. ISBN 9788897683834

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Delsante, I., Gao, Y. and Temple, N.(2016) East-West China. The alternative faces of globalization in urban and rural transformations [Show/Exhibition]


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Delsante, I (2008) ‘Il masterplan per Shanghai 2010’. In: Expo. Le Esposizioni Universali da Londra 1851 a Shanghai 2010, verso Milano 2015. Santarcangelo di Romagna: Maggioli Editore. . ISBN 9788870909104


Delsante, I (2006) Innovazione tecnologica e Architettura Doctoral thesis, University of Pavia, Italy.


2016, Santander Grant for Study visits at the University of Padua and the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 (£3.000).
2015 – current, Associate Editor of Urban Planning and Development Journal
2015 – current Member, British Council Science Research Reviewer Panel
2014 – current Advisory Committee in the Doctorado en Arquitectura held in Escuela Tècnica Superior de Arquitectura.
2012 – current Scientific Academic Board’s Member for the Architectural Area for Maggioli Editore Publisher
2012 – current Co-Founder and Member of the Scientific board of “Text and Context” Book series with Tongji University of Shanghai, published by Maggioli Editore
Since 2011, Reviewer for a number of funding bodies, including: British Council (Travel Grants, Workshop Grants, FONDEF IDEA, etc.) and the Italian National Ministry of University and Research (MIUR).
Since 2011, Reviewer for a number of Scientific Journals including: the Journal of Urban Planning and Development (ASCE), the Journal of Urban Design and Planning (ICE), the Journal of Water Science and Technology.


2016 Co-Curatorship of “East-West China. The alternative faces of globalization in urban and rural transformations”, Huddersfield Art Gallery
2015 North-UK Section Co-curatorship in “Open Your Space Exhibition, in Siping Community, Shanghai” – event selected as part of 6th Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city - Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture
2013 5th Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city - Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, Shenzhen, China, “R.A.I. Rural Architecture Intensification” with T.Cattaneo, N. Bertolino, G.D. Manzoni
2012 Scientific board for the exhibition “From research to design – selected architects from Tongji University of Shanghai”, La Triennale di Milano

Awards (including Design Competitions)

2015, Outstanding Reviewer Recognition, Journal of Urban Planning and Development​
2014 – 1st prize - “Territory Talent”. Redevelopment of a dead shopping mall
2013 – 1st prize - Renewal and retrofit of Villaggio Prealpino Vantini Stocchetta, Brescia (Italy)
2012 – 2nd prize - Industrial reuses Transformation of 3 industrial settlements in Bergamo (Italy) “CAP – Cotton Art Park”


2014 - Visiting Professor at ETSA University of Seville (Spain) (Erasmus Exchange Staff Programme) for MCAS · V edición, 2013-14, “Sostenibilidad urbana y territorial - Rehabilitación social del hábitat urbano”
2013 - Visiting Professor, 4th OC Summer School “Nature in City”, Politecnico di Milano


2016, Co-organizer of International Conference “Regional Urbanism in the Era of Globalisation”, University of Huddersfield (3rd-5th February)
International workshops and symposia (organisation and coordination)
Nov 2015, Organisation of the Research Symposium “Stay-in or take away? Reflections on Permanence and Temporality in the City”, University of Huddersfield
Sep 2014, Director of the International Summer School “Smart cities for smart communities: the expo 2015 case-study”, University of Pavia
Jun 2011, Coordinator for design strategies in the Design workshop "Urban Renewal and Sustainable Development", University of Pavia
Sep 2010, Co-coordinator of the “ACUR” Workshop, Venice Biennale
Jun 2010 – Jul 2010, Tutor Coordinator at the XV International Design Seminar "The Green Urban Design for the New Town", Tongji University of Shanghai
Aug 2008 – Sep 2008, Tutor Coordinator at the XIV International Design Seminar "Urban regeneration in post-industrial town”, Politechnika Lodzka (Poland)
Apr 2008, Coordinator of the 1st International Design Video Conference (Shanghai, Lodz, Dubai, Pavia)
Aug 2007 – Sep 2007, Tutor Coordinator at the XIII International Design Seminar “Shapes and Identity of Landscape. A new role for the mental hospital of Lucca”, IUSS Pavia and Fondazione Campus Studi del Mediterraneo (Lucca, Italy)
Jan 2007 – Feb 2007, Tutor Coordinator at the XII International Design Seminar “Al Ain City, oases city, sustainable city”, UAEU University, Al Ain (United Arab Emirates),

Research Degree Supervision