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Valentina obtained PhD and BSc in Computer Science from University of Bedfordshire in 2012 and 2009 respectively. She was also awarded a Williams Lee Prize for the most outstanding project in Computing which demonstrated innovative computer security solutions. Her PhD research was focused on risk assessment and optimisation modelling to minimise the cost of network security and incurred risks. During her research career she engaged in a number of large collaborative research projects with various EU and Chinese Institutions, international conference organisations, grant proposal writing and student supervision. In 2012 Valentina joined the Distributed Systems and Services Group at the University of Leeds, where she was working on the STRAPP project – a collaborative project involving Leeds, Rolls-Royce, and Cybula Ltd - responsible for risk analysis and modelling to improve trust that users place in computing systems. In 2014, Valentina took post of Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Railway Research to lead research on the RAMP project and railway current and future challenges.

Research and Scholarship

Valentina’s research career covers a broad spectrum of areas, including :

  • risk and trust modelling
  • decision support systems
  • big data
  • computer security and distributed systems
  • nanotechnology applications in risk, trust and security 

Valentina is an active reviewer in a number of journals such as Decision Support Systems, International Journal of Information Security and Applications. Additionally, Valentina has experience of managing research projects, including TSB, EPSRC, EU FP7. Currently, Valentina undertakes research on a TSB funded RAMP project which aims to provide a web-based platform for asset monitoring with the ability to predict the future condition of track in terms of its quality over specified discrete lengths (normally 1/8th mile) and in terms of the rate at which discrete defects deteriorate.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Dr Viduto is an experienced project manager, accomplished senior researcher and academic with a strong reputation and leadership skills, exceptional experience of collaboration with major private, public and 3rd sector providers at board and senior executive level achieved via multi-disciplinary long-term collaborative research projects (TSB, EPSRC, EU FP7). Valentina has a track record of high quality publications in peer reviewed international journals (Decision Support Systems, International Journal of Space-based and Situated Computing) and conferences, as well as experience in organizing numerous national and international conferences.

Research Degree Supervision

General project areas

  • Risk and Trust modelling
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Computer Security

Current opportunities

  • Please contact this member of staff to discuss possible opportunities.

Administrative Responsibilities

Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Railway Research

Teaching and Professional Activities

  • Experience of teaching undergrads and postgrads
  • IBITGQ Advanced Level ISO 27001 Certified ISMS Lead Auditor