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Dr Amir Saeed is a Senior Lectuer in Media studies. He joined the University in September 2014. He teaches modules in media theory, sport, PR and music. Prior to this he was the Programme Leader of BA Media Culture and Communication at the University of Sunderland. He is a FHEA fellow of higher education academy. He is also an online tutor at the MA Mass Communication (Media, PR) at the University of Leicester.

Research and Scholarship

He is interested in the fields of media power and representation. He has published in the past in areas such as racism, music and ‘race’, Islamophobia in the media, terrorism and sportin the media.

Forthcoming - Books (forthcoming or in Press)

2014 Monograph Book ‘Introduction to ‘Race’ and Ethnic Studies. (Palgrave London) Full manuscript submitted in November 2013 waiting comments

2014 Social Media, Racism and Sport (Routledge) co-authored book

2015  Sport in Islam and in Muslim Communities (editor Dr Alberto Testa Brunel University


2014- Book Chapters and Journal Articles

2014 Book Chapter Influences of Malcolm X on sports, music, and the global Muslim community --in American Popular Culture edited by Anne Richards (Prager Press)

2014  Book Chapter Hip-Hop Islam and Woman in Postcolonial Islam edited by Sarah Hackett (Routledge Press)

2014  ‘Race in British media and history’ in The Routledge Companion to British Media History edited by Martin Conboy and John Steel

2014 ‘A Right to Exist” A Palestinian Speaks (co-author Elaine Drainville) in Feminist Media Studies Volume 13 No 5 830-839


2012 Co-Authored book “Sports Journalism and Racism” (Routledge)

Book Chapters

2010 'British-Asian Music and Cultural Resistance in Contemporary Popular Music' in Rinella Cere (ed) Post-Colonial Britain (Palgrave London)

2009 'Radical Politics and British Muslims' in Jonathan Pugh (ed) Radical Politics Today with Foreword by Tony Benn (Routledge London)

2009 'Musical Jihad' in John Storey (ed) Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: A Reader (4th Edition Longman London)

2008 'My Jihad' in Sally Davison and Jonathan Rutherford (eds) Race, Identity and Belonging (Lawrence and Wishart), with an introduction by George Shire [previously published in Soundings (27) 2004]

2007  'Northern Racism: A Pilot Study of Racism in Sunderland' in Christoph Ehland (ed) Thinking Northern: Textures of Identity in the North of England, (Rodopi Press: Amsterdam/New York)

2004  '9/11 and British Muslims' in John Carter and David Morland (eds) Anti-Capitalist Britain (New Clarion Press: London)

2004  'Musical Jihad: Hip Hop Music and British-Muslims' Jihad musical? Musique Hip-hop et musulmans en Grande-Bretagne et France' (co-authored with Steve Cannon) in Alec G. Hargreaves (ed) Minorités ethniques anglophones et francophones:études culturelles comparatives (Harmattan Press)

2002  'Muhammad Ali and the Politics of Cultural Identity' in A. Bernstein and N. Blain (eds) Sport, Media and Society: Global and Local Dimensions (Frank Cass London)

Journals Refereed

2013  Black, White and Read All Over” Racism and Sports Journalism, International Journal of Sport and Society. (co-authored)

2011 Filming Palestinian Banality (with Elaine Drainville) In Nebula  December 2011 8:1
A Journal of Multidisciplinary Scholarship ISSN-1449 7751 available online at http://www.nobleworld.biz/

2011  '9/11 and the Increase in Racism and Islamophobia: A Personal Reflection', Radical History Review, pp. 210-215

2011  '"Worthy of all praises": Muhammad Ali, and the politics of Muslim identity', Soundings, 47

2011  'British-Asians and racism with contemporary English football' (co-authored with Daniel Kilvington), Soccer and Society, 12(5), September, pp. 600-610

2008  'Teaching and Learning Guide for: Media, Racism and Islamophobia: The Representation of Islam and Muslims in the Media (available at 
http://www.blackwell-compass.com/subject/sociology/article_view?article_id=soco_tr_bpl160) [article previously published in Sociology Compass (1) 2007)

2007  'Media, Racism and Islamophobia: The Representation of Islam and Muslims in the Media', Sociology Compass (1) (2007) (available  at http://www.blackwell-synergy.com/doi/pdf/10.1111/j.1751-9020.2007.00039.x)

2007  'Malcolm X and British-Muslims: A Personal Reflection', The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture vol. XVI (available online at http://www.usask.ca/relst/jrpc/articles16.html)

2006  'Western Propaganda and the War on Terrorism: The Dangers of American Ignorance', Public Resistance 2:1 2006 (available at www.publicresistance.org)

2006  'Musical Jihad', Soundings, Summer, 33

2004  'My Jihad' Soundings, August, 27 

2003  '"What's in a name?" Muhammad Ali and the Politics of Cultural Identity', Culture, Sport and Society, 5:3, Autumn

2002  'A Community Under Suspicion: Riots and British Asians', Scottish Left Review (12) September/October

1999  'New Ethnic and National Questions in Scotland: Post-British identities among Glasgow-Pakistani teenagers' (co-authored with Neil Blain and Douglas Forbes), Ethnic and Racial Studies (22:5) September

1999  'The Media and New Racisms', Media Education Journal, December

1998:  'An Emerging Scottish-Pakistani identity', Runnymede Bulletin, November-December

1997-98  'A New Approach to Scottish Identity: The possibility and emergence of a Bi-cultural identity', Manuscript (2:2) Winter

Invited Journals Articles and Online Articles

2011  'The Media and its role in the promotion of the Islamophobia', Defenders ODVV NGO UN Publication, special issue, Human Rights Council, Winter

2011  'The impact of counter terrorism on the criminal justice system', Defenders ODVV NGO UN Publication, special issue, Human Rights Council, Winter

2010  Beyond 'race' and multiculturalism. "Through the Prospect Reading Glass" online debates Muslim Council of Britain, available at http://www.mcb.org.uk/comm_details.php?heading_id=121&com_id=2#amir 

2010  The Media Market and Young People. Review of "Television news, politics and young people: generation disconnected?" Soundings, 46, pp. 129-131

2009  'Israel's propaganda and its war on Gaza'  The Canadian Charger, available at http://www.thecanadiancharger.com/page.php?id=5&a=218 

2009  'Malcolm X and British-Muslims: A Personal Reflection', re-published by the Malcolm X Foundation, available at http://www.malcolmxfoundation.org/MXMF/Blog/Entries/2009/ (originally published in The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture vol. XVI, 2007

2008  'Between Marx and Muhammed: Class Politics and British Muslims', Soundings Online Debates (available at 
http://www.lwbooks.co.uk/journals/soundings/class_and_culture/saeed.html )

2007  'Cultures of Racism', Soundings Online Debates, November (available online at http://www.lwbooks.co.uk/journals/soundings/cultures_capitalism/cultures_capitalism.html)

1998  'Islamification and Racialization Social Identities of Scottish-Pakistani Teenagers', SASRF (South Asian Social Researchers' Forum) 2.1

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Saeed, A (2015) ‘Racism and Islamophobia: A Personal PerspectiveIdentity papers: A journal of British and Irish studies , 1 (1), pp. 15-31. ISSN 2058-6205


Key note speaker- Association of Media Educators in Scotland AMES Conference, Into Media, 13 June 2015

Invited by Council of Europe to give talk on Racism and Sport at the City University of Birmingham April 2012

Winner of 2012 Inaugural Student Led Teaching Awards at the University of Sunderland
(Using humour in teaching and Most Passionate lecturer)

Article viewed over 10,000 times on Media, Racism and Islamphobia see http://www.religion-compass.co.uk/subject/sociology/article_view?article_id=soco_articles_bpl039

Invited by the United Nations to give two papers at the United Nations Human Rights Council 16th Session in 2011

2011 "The Media and its role in the promotion of the Islamophobia".  Invited Paper for the 16th Session of United Nations ( Human Rights Council) March 11th-18th

2011 " The impact of counter terrorism on the criminal justice system" Invited Paper for the 16th Session of United Nations ( Human Rights Council) March 11th-18th

Invited by the Berlin based research institute to give paper

2011 “Hip –Hop and Islam” Invited paper at The Islam-Discourse in European Media Between Islamophobia and Intercultural Dialogue Time: 6th April 2011

See http://www.deutsches-orient-institut.de/component/option,com_zoom/Itemid,100000/catid,3/

Invited by the Muslim Council of Britain to attend Muslim Leadership Conference in London 2011

Research Degree Supervision

Have supervised PhDs in the areas of ‘race’, racism and Islamphobia. Would be interested in supervising in areas such music, sport and media power.

Administrative Responsibilities

Student Attendance and Retention

Teaching and Professional Activities

Level 1 – 1702 Music Genres, 116 Approaches to Popular Culture, 1503 PR and Media

Level 2 – 2608 Issues in Sport and Media, 2707 Issues in Music 2504 Strategic PR , 213 Media Sociology and Culture.