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Professor Song Wu is a Professor in Surveying and IT at the School of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Huddersfield. He is an expert in computer modelling and simulation in built and human environment. His research career started in 1998 with Process Protocol (GR/M20006) project as a PhD student. During the project, he developed the Process Protocol software, which is widely recognized by industry. Subsequently, he continued his research career as a lead researcher on the Platform Grant 3D to nD modelling project (GR/R28508-01) which was reviewed as international outstanding by the EPSRC. In the project, he was responsible for the development of visualisation, simulation and data modelling technology. He was co-investigator of the EPSRC nD game project (GR/T26429/01). In this project, he extended the technology developed in the nD modelling to a computer game environment that was designed to introduce building design concepts to school pupils. He also helped to establish the international collaboration with China through the EPSRC ‘Salford:China’ Interact Project. Prof. Wu was awarded a UK China Fellowship for Excellence for his Construction IT research with leading Chinese research institutions in 2010. In 2012, He was awarded RICS education trust funds to investigate how Building Information Modelling supports cost estimating practice in UK. Most recently, he has been working on human behaviour modelling on people movement and energy simulation with leading Chinese institutions. His research works have been widely published in over 80 academic publications.

Research and Scholarship

June, 2013: KTP with ProcurePlus, Performance Management System - Active Framework Management Tool funded by Technology Strategy Board. (Total grant: £122,000)

June, 2012: Occupants activity and behaviour simulation for effective energy demand analysis, Salford College research development fund. (Total grant: £5000)

April, 2012: BIM support RICS New Rule of Measurement, RICS Education Trust (Total grant: £7,500)

February, 2011: KTP with Create Construction, funded by Technology Strategy Board. The KTP partnership has led to the winning of the 2012 Business Innovation award by Create Construction in the North West Construction industry Annual award. (Total grant: £122,000)

March, 2010: UK-China Fellowship in Excellence, UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. (Total grant: £13,200)

June, 2009; Salford Annual Fund, develop construction knowledge browser, web 2.0 (Total grant: £5,000)

April, 2009: Salford VC fund to investigate the commercial opportunity of the nD game project (Total grant: £2000)

February, 2006: RFID study, ERABuild, a EU initiative for strategic cooperation in the building sector. (Total grant: £5650)

September, 2004: ‘Salford (UK) – China: towards global harmonisation of construction research.’ Awarded £11,400 from the EPSRC Interact Call. (Total grant: £11,400)

September 2004: ‘Designing fit-for-purpose schools: enabling student participation in the design process.’ Awarded by the EPSRC (Total grant: £69,800)

November, 2003: ‘Intelcities’ in conjunction with CSTB, University of Coventry, University of Karlsruhe, City of Valencia, City of Aarhus etc. £501,734 awarded to Salford for 18 months from the EU’s 6th framework programme. Prepared the nD modeling work package of the proposal but not named due to restrictions of research contract.

May 2002: ‘VivaCity 2020’ – in conjunction with UCL, London Institute, Sheffield Hallam University and Sheffield University. Awarded £2.75m from the EPSRC for 5 years. Part prepared the nD modeling work package of the proposal but not named due to restrictions of research contract.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Alaaeddine, R. and Wu, S. (2017) ‘Application of supervised learning methods to better predict building energy performance’. In: International Conference on Sustainable Futures 2017, 26th-27th November 2017, Sitra, Bahrain

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Delzendeh, E. and Wu, S. (2017) ‘The Influence of Space Layout Design on Occupant’s Energy Behaviour’. In: 2017 Lean & Computing in Construction Congress, 4-12 July 2017, Crete, Greece , pp. 601-608


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Ma, Z., Lu, N. and Wu, S. (2011) ‘Identification and representation of information resources for construction firmsAdvanced Engineering Informatics , 25 (4), pp. 612-624. ISSN 14740346

Zhiliang, M., Zhenhua, W., Wu, S. and Zhe, L. (2011) ‘Application and extension of the IFC standard in construction cost estimating for tendering in ChinaAutomation in Construction , 20 (2), pp. 196-204. ISSN 09265805


Zhang, X., Bakis, N., Lukins, T., Ibrahim, Y., Wu, S., Kagioglou, M., Aouad, G., Kaka, A. and Trucco, E. (2009) ‘Automating progress measurement of construction projectsAutomation in Construction , 18 (3), pp. 294-301. ISSN 09265805


2014 Visiting Scholar of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

2013 Visiting Scholar of Curtin University, Australia

2010 UK China Fellowship in Excellence, it is a prestigious award supported by UK department of Business Innovation and Skill. Only 15 best researchers from 5* rating departments across the country were selected for the award.

Editor and founder since 2008 (with Professor Ghassan Aouad & Dr Angela Lee) of the 1st open access international journal dedicated to postgraduate research: The Built & Human Environment Review. Journal has been very successful with 100 international editorial board members.

Guest editor of 3 international special journal publications: Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering (ASCE), International Journal of Architectural Engineering & Design Management, and International Journal of IT in Construction (ITCon)

Published over 50 journal and conference publications. Presented papers at over 20 international conferences and session chaired for a number of international conferences.

Invitations to present guest lectures/ seminars nationally (e.g. Leeds Metropolitan University) and internationally (e.g. Tsinghua University, China)

Coordinated the exchange programme for the School of Built Environment with the University of Chongqing and Tsinghua University in China to exchange research and teaching initiatives, both are top ranking universities in China.

Lead researcher of the 3D to nD modelling project, the only Platform Grant EPSRC funded project in the built and human environment. Established an international network of over 100 academic and industrial members (USA, Chile, Finland, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malta, Qatar and France); the members have attended 2 international workshops that I organised and ran. Developed international research agenda. The concept has now gained international interest and has now become the impetus of research for other institutions: this is evidenced by becoming a theme of 3 international conferences (Malaysia, Portugal and Mexico), ‘nD’ term was very much established and used in EU funding briefing and national strategic briefing. The project was rated as ‘international outstanding’ by EPSRC.

Academic investigator of EPSRC funded Salford Centre for Research and Innovation (SCRI), responsible for a research group to develop nD modelling research and Asset Management research, identify funding source, develop research bids and establish industry partnership. Collaboration partnership with Arup and Sellafield Ltd (formally BNFL) were established.

Co-Investigator of the EPSRC funded ‘nD game project’, which developed a tool to encourage the next generation of construction professionals, and has been adopted throughout secondary schools in the UK. Almost 800 pupils from local schools have played the game in their school or in university computer labs. The teaching materials produced from the project have been used in a number of schools. Project has been advertised by many leading publications, e.g. QS Week, Manchester Evening News, D&T News, EPSRC Connect.

Project Lead of the EPSRC funded ‘Salford:China’ project, which involved developing key relationships between 6 of the top ranking universities in the built environment across P.R.China, with the foremost intention of exploiting leading UK research and establishing future collaborative research opportunities. I managed 2 Research Fellows. A think-tank workshop was also held. The universities involved in the 2 week study tour included:

  • School of Architecture & Urban Planning, Tsinghua University (Beijing)
  • Research Centre for Construction Innovation, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)
  • School of Civil Engineering, Tongji University (Shanghai)
  • College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University (Shanghai)
  • School of Management, Tianjin University (Tianjin)
  • School of Architecture & Urban Planning, Huazhong University of Science & Technology (Wuhan)
  • School of Management, Harbin Institute of Technology (Harbin)

Research Degree Supervision

  1. PhD supervisor, Quanbin Sun: Intelligent Crowd model of behaviour simulation, January, 2009 to 2014 (Completed in December 2013)
  2. PhD supervisor, Omara Alkabashi: Factors affecting the adoption and implementation of ICTs in Libyan Basic Education, April, 2008 to February, 2014 (completed in February 2014). (12 months interruption due to Libya conflict)
  3. PhD supervisor, William Dixon: Safety culture measurement on a busy construction site, October, 2010-2014. (ProfDoc) (Completed in September, 2014)
  4. PhD supervisor, Mohagheghi Fard Mohammad Navid: Web based Collaboration based on Cloud Computing, (2011-2014)
  5. PhD supervisor, Elijah Ayodele: Error in construction document, October, 2011-2014
  6. PhD supervisor, Essiet Ubon Martin: Information reliability from BIM to FM, April, 2012-present
  7. PhD supervisor, Olowoake, Adelaja Mohammed: Sustaining Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) Built Environments in Nigeria, FM perspective, October, 2012-2014
  8. PhD supervisor, Gillian Carey: The implementation of Generic School design in Ireland, October, 2010-2014. (ProfDoc)
  9. PhD supervisor, Karl Fletcher: Effective post occupation evaluation for schools, October, 2012-2014. (ProfDoc)
  10. PhD supervisor, Alolote Amadi: Development in the Niger Delta: A Comparative Geotechnical Analysis of Substructure Design and Construction for Building Cost Modelling and Estimating, January, 2014

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Enterprise Activities

Director of University of Salford spin-out company, The Protocol Lab. Involved in numerous consultancy roles including Process Consultant for ASVB Netherlands, WSP Group, Sainsburys, Urban Splash and Sellafield Ltd. The continued success of the company has resulted in providing funding support of research projects in SCRI (Salford Centre for Research and Innovation).

(2006- 2012) Research Consultant for Sellafield Ltd (largest nuclear site in UK), responsible for the design and development of the Sellafield Asset Management system (SAMdb). Samdb is currently managing more than 100 major process plants plus another 1200 significant buildings and over 30000 infrastructure asset items, with annual asset care budget of over £300m. The consultancy work has generated nearly £100,000 income for the school.