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Todd Andrew Borlik studied English Literature at Washington University in St. Louis and Keble College, Oxford, before earning his doctorate from the University of Washington in Seattle. After five years as an Assistant Professor at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, Todd joined the English staff at Huddersfield as a Lecturer in 2014.

Todd is the author of Ecocriticism and Early Modern English Literature (Routledge, 2011) and over a dozen scholarly articles in publications such as Shakespeare Quarterly, Shakespeare Survey, Shakespeare Bulletin and the Shakespearean International Yearbook. His monograph on ‘Caliban and the Fen Demons of Lincolnshire’ has been flagged as one of the ‘most read’ articles in the British Shakespeare Association’s journal.

In his spare time, Todd collects vinyl (mostly Beethoven and Blue Note), attempts to learn Japanese, hoofs about the English countryside, and watches Buster Keaton movies with his two boys.

Research and Scholarship

Todd’s research aims to unfurl the vexed place of the natural world in the writings of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. He is currently at work on a Documentary Companion to the Natural History of Early Modern England and a comparative study on the staging of nature at the Rose and Globe. Other interests include Repertory Studies, Global Shakespeares, Shakespeare and Film, Magic and Science, Bio-ethics and Post-humanism.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Research Degree Supervision

Todd would be happy to hear from research students (MA, PhD) interested in any aspects of English Renaissance Literature, and especially those planning a thesis on Shakespeare and the environmental humanities