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Jade is a lecturer in textiles and joined the University in 2013. Jade has previously worked for the University of Leeds, and as a designer for the brand Antiform. Jade’s process specialism is knitted textiles, and her research interests lie broadly within sustainable fashion and textiles. Prior to working at the University Jade has delivered textiles workshops for high profile clients such as Global Cool, Yorkshire Water and the Everything Must Go exhibition held in London’s Oxo Tower.

Research and Scholarship

Jade is currently working towards her PhD exploring our relationships with the clothes within our wardrobes. This research was presented at the Design Academy conference in 2013.

Aside from her PhD research Jade is also involved in exploring sustainability through engaging people with alternative fashion practices. She sits on the board for Leeds Community Clothes Exchange, one of the biggest and most successful swaps in the UK.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Teaching and Professional Activities

First Year Tutor for Textiles Practice

TFD1322: Introduction to Materials and Processes (Module Leader & Knit specialism)
TFD1323: Introduction to Professional Practice (Module Leader & Commercial Designer)

TID1331: Advanced Materials and Processes (Knit specialism)
TID1335: Creative Professional Practice (Designer Maker)
TID1334: Ethical and Theoretical Studies (Textiles Ecology)

THD1369: Textiles with Surface Design Research and Development
THD1360: Textiles with Surface Design Technical Module
THD1341: Textiles with Surface Design Final Major project