Portrait of  Geof Wolfenden Geof Wolfenden

g.p.wolfenden@hud.ac.uk | 01484 472229


Intellectual Property & Commercialisation Manager, joined the University in 2012. Responsible for the design and implementation of the University’s commercialisation pipeline, including the formation and working agenda for the Innovation Committee. Manages IP protection and assessment of inventions/opportunities. Responsible for drafting and reviewing R&E, invention and IP based legal agreements.

Previously managed the University of Manchester’s IP portfolio working at the University’s tech transfer company UMI3 & UMIP. Have worked as IP Manager and consultant at the Open University and AUB as well as advising several University’s in the UAE in relation to the IP management and commercialisation strategies and systems.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • IP portofilio management
  • Legal agreement drafting and review
  • Invention/disclosure assessment
  • Legal/IP enquiries