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v.vishnyakov@hud.ac.uk | 01484 472164


Current Position 
Since Sept 2014 Reader in Materials, Head of Surface Coating and Characterisation Research Group, School of Computing and Engineering, University of Huddersfield, UK

Previous Positions
2013-2014 Reader, Applied Physics, School of Engineering, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
2005-2013 Senior Research Fellow, Dalton Research Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University
2002-2005 Research Associate, Chemistry and Materials Department, Manchester Metropolitan University
1999-2002 Research Fellow, School of Sciences, University of Salford
1998-1999 Research Associate, Chemistry Department, UMIST

Research and Scholarship

  • material and surface characterisation and analysis (STM, AFM, electron microscopy and spectroscopy, nanoindentation)
  • ion beam implantation and materials processing by ion beams
  • thin film deposition, characterisation and applications
  • analytical instrumentation
  • provision of analytical service, support and training

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Popov, O., Chornobuk, S. and Vishnyakov, V. (2017) ‘Structure formation of TiB2-TiC-B4C-C hetero-modulus ceramics via reaction hot pressingInternational Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials , 64, pp. 106-112. ISSN 0958-0611

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Popov, O. and Vishnyakov, V. (2016) ‘Fracture toughness in some hetero-modulus composite carbides: carbon inclusions and voidsAdvances in Applied Ceramics . ISSN 1743-6753

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Edwards-Jones, V., Vishnyakov, V. and Spruce, P. (2014) ‘Laboratory evaluation of Drawtex Hydroconductive Dressing with LevaFiber technologyJournal of wound care , 23 (3), pp. 118-127. ISSN 0969-0700

Farahani, N., Kelly, P., West, G., Hill, C. and Vishnyakov, V. (2013) ‘Photocatalytic Activity of Reactively Sputtered Titania Coatings Deposited Using a Full Face Erosion MagnetronCoatings , 3 (4), pp. 177-193. ISSN 2079-6412

Farahani, N., Kelly, P., West, G., Ratova, M., Hill, C. and Vishnyakov, V. (2013) ‘An Investigation into W or Nb or ZnFe2O4 Doped Titania Nanocomposites Deposited from Blended Powder Targets for UV/Visible PhotocatalysisCoatings , 3 (3), pp. 153-165. ISSN 2079-6412

Vishnyakov, V., Lu, J., Eklund, P., Hultman, L. and Colligon, J. (2013) ‘Ti3SiC2-formation during Ti–C–Si multilayer deposition by magnetron sputtering at 650 °CVacuum , 93, pp. 56-59. ISSN 0042-207X

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Margariti, C., Protopapas, S., Allen, N. and Vishnyakov, V. (2013) ‘Identification of purple dye from molluscs on an excavated textile by non-destructive analytical techniquesDyes and Pigments , 96 (3), pp. 774-780. ISSN 0143-7208

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Conference Item

Beake, B., Harris, A., Fox-Rabinovich, G., Rauh, G., Davies, M., Armstrong, D. and Vishnyakov, V. (2016) ‘Nanomechanical testing of thin films to 950 °C’. In: 15th International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering PSE 2016, 12-16th September 2016, Germany


  • Good professional standing in international community as supported by number of invited and plenary international conference presentations
  • Have an excellent standing in physics community and has been elected to the Institute of Physics Council (2010-2014)
  • Chair of Institute of Physics Manchester Branch (2010-2014)
  • For services to physics and the research community was elected to Fellowship of Institute of Physics
  • Organised and chaired Novel Aspects of Surfaces and Materials Conference (NASM3)
  • Primary School Governor in Manchester
  • Managing Editor of special issue on Oxide Coatings in VACUUM, 2015

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