Portrait of Dr Eric Tchouamou  Njoya Dr Eric Tchouamou Njoya

e.njoya@hud.ac.uk | 01484 471889


Position: Senior Lecturer, Department of Logistics, Operations, Hospitality and Marketing
Qualifications: BA(Hons), MA, PhD

Eric joined the University of Huddersfield in May 2015 as Lecturer in Air Transport Economics and Management. Prior to this he had worked at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen, in the Faculty of Economics, for a number of years where he held a variety of posts. These include Research Assistant (2010-2012) and Lecturer (2013-2014). Eric has also worked as a Research Associate at the South and East European Development Center of the University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece.

Research and Scholarship

Current research areas include:

  • Economic impacts of aviation on regional development
  • Economic impacts of tourism on poverty relief in developing countries
  • Applying and developing models to analyse questions relevant to air transport in Africa

Recent works have involved using computable general equilibrium models to assess the economic and distributional impacts of air transport liberalization and tourism as well as using cost benefit analysis to evaluate investments in airport infrastructure.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Tchouamou Njoya, E (2016) ‘Africa’s single aviation market: The progress so farJournal of Transport Geography , 50, pp. 4-11. ISSN 0966-6923


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  • European Aviation Economics and Management Prize G.A.R.S. prize for best Ph.D. paper in aviation economics and management (November 2014)
  • Scholarship of the Erich-Becker-Stiftung for the dissertation project (April 2011)
  • DAAD Prize for international Students University of Applied Bremen (November 2005)


  • Eric is an active member of the German Aviation and Research Society, GARS, which is an international research network on aviation.
  • Eric also acts as a reviewer for the Ethics Committee of the Business School
  • African Good Governance Network (AGGN)

Peer Reviewing

  • Journal of Air Transport Management
  • Tourism Economics
  • Research in Transportation Business and Management

Research Degree Supervision

Specific areas of interest:

  • Wider economic impacts of air transport liberalisation
  • Welfare and distributional impacts of transport policy
  • Product differentiation and competitive advantage in the air transport sector
  • Aviation supply chain

Enterprise Activities

Completed air transport related consultancy and research projects

  • European Investment Bank
  • European Commission
  • Avinor (a state-owned enterprise under the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications that operates most of civil airports in Norway)


Research grants


(co-principle investigator)

  • £25,000 European Subsea Cables Association (ESCA)
  • The project aimed to develop a comprehensive socioeconomic impact evaluation framework for UK subsea cable industry

Teaching and Professional Activities

Module leader for:

  • Economics, undergraduate first year
  • Introduction to Air Transport, undergraduate first year
  • Air Cargo Management, undergraduate second year

Contributions in:

  • Quantitative Research Methods for Business, PGR
  • Project, undergraduate fourth year