Portrait of Dr Clara Sandelind Dr Clara Sandelind

c.n.sandelind@hud.ac.uk | 01484 473933


Clara Sandelind is Lecturer in Politics in the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Social Sciences at Huddersfield University. She joined the institution in September 2015 after gaining her PhD at the University of Sheffield the same year. Clara has previously worked as Teaching Assistant at the University of Sheffield and Associate Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University

Research and Scholarship

Clara’s research focuses on issues relating to immigration, self-determination and nationalism. She is currently working on theories of self-determining groups and the value of shared political identities, as well as theories of the normative foundations of self-determination and territorial rights.

Clara’s PhD was entitled Nationalism and Attitudes to Immigration. Last year, she edited a book on European Populism, which focused on anti-immigration populism in the wake of the financial crisis. 

Teaching and Professional Activities

Clara is teaching and module leading on:

  • HIX1021: Ethnicity and Nationalism
  • HIX2001: Introduction to Politics