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Qualifications: M.Phil Theology and Religious Studies, Diploma in Community Religions, B.Ed (Hons); Dip H.E, SFHEA

I am currently lead for the undergraduate and post graduate Primary Initial Teacher Education (ITE) Programmes at the University of Huddersfield.

Prior to this I was Senior Lecturer in Professional Studies and led the PGCE School Direct Primary Programme at Manchester Metropolitan University. I also had responsibility for Prevent, SMSC and equalities across all primary programmes. My other ITE experience includes Programme Lead at Bradford College for the Primary B.Ed and Primary Postgraduate Certificate in Education courses; Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies, Religious Education, Professional Studies and Humanities.

A qualified teacher, I have taught across key stages in both primary and secondary schools.  I have also worked for Ofsted as a Section 5 inspector.

I have initiated and implemented several successful and award winning, cross curricular projects, focusing on diversity, religion, equality and community cohesion.  

Whilst working as Manager for Diversity and Cohesion (Education Bradford) and as Head of the Peace Museum (UK) I designed and produced a number of practitioner resources, in a variety of media, including ‘Stand Up, Speak Out, Make a Difference!’ and 'Choices Then and Now'. The latter was highlighted by the Home Office in 2015 as a model of ‘best practice’ in Prevent education and offered as a resource to all local councils across the UK.

I have contributed to radio programmes around issues of diversity and cohesion; including a brief interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme about Christmas in multi-cultural primary schools and I have contributed to programmes on BBC Radio Leeds’ and Bradford Community Radio (BCB). I was interviewed and featured in a Guardian newspaper article on alternative World War projects, discussing the rationale behind Choices then and Now.

I have had articles published in RE Today, Child Education, REsource, Citizenship Magazine and Museum Advisor on line.  I have research cited in the International Bibliography of Sikh Studies (Singh 2005) and a chapter on ‘Kokeshi: Stand Up, Speak Out, Make a Difference!’ features in the international publication Museums  for Peace: Transforming Cultures (Apsel and Barrett (Eds.) 2012).

I am interested in access to education, diversity, cohesion and equality, SMSC, History (particularly using the past to explore the present and inform the future) and RE. 

I have a particular interest in how schools and ITE providers interpret the Prevent agenda and mainstream this in schools and HE institutions. My research mirrors this interest and centres on creative, effective curriculum design, both in schools and in ITE and an exploration of how Government policy, particularly Prevent, may be interpreted in the context of educating for a safe, just and equitable society.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Ali, M. and Hadwen, D. (2014) Don't rain on my parade [Teaching Resource]

Chalcraft, B. and Hadwen, D. (2014) Choices : then and now [Teaching Resource]


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Chalcraft, B. and Hadwen, D.(2013) Bradford routes to peace heritage trail. The Peace Museum .


Chalcraft, B. and Hadwen, D. (2012) The peace challenge [Teaching Resource]


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Hadwen, D (2006) Slavery: an Unfinished Business [Teaching Resource]


Projects and initiatives

  • Stand up to Hatred (Anne Frank and You); peer education project; community cohesion, anti-racism, citizenship and Prevent
  • Kokeshi: Stand up, Speak out, Make a difference: peer education project and multi- media exhibition (community cohesion, anti-racism, citizenship and Prevent)
  • The Peace Challenge - school based citizenship, SMSC and community cohesion project
  • Routes to Peace - Digital Aurasma based, pupil led, local history, community cohesion/anti racist project
  • Choices Then and Now Mainstreaming Prevent - ITE  Prevent, community cohesion, SMSC project
  • Choices Then and Now - School based Prevent, community cohesion, SMSC project.


  • Kokeshi: Stand up, Speak out, Make a difference
  • Peace Not Prejudice
  • The Story of a Young Girl
  • Choices Then and Now

Consultancy and advisory roles

  • Manager for Diversity and Cohesion Education Bradford - school consultant and strategic lead
  • Bradford SACRE - consultant, advisor and contributor
  • QCA - consultative group member, cross - curricular themes and dimensions SMSC
  • RE in the Early Years Consultative Group (Birmingham University)
  • Preventing Violent Extremism Consultative Group, Yorkshire and Humber, 2011, 2012
  • Member of ‘Who do we think we are?’ Consultative Group (DfE/ICOCO), 2009
  • Community Cohesion and Muslim Countries,(British Council), 2009
  • Consultative Group RE in the Early Years, Nottingham University                                                                                   
  • Society and Culture, BARE                            
  • Education Bradford, Consultancy 
  • Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education Working Party, Education Bradford                                          
  • Major contributor to the 2001 Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, Bradford LEA                                                      
  • Major contributor to the 1996 Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, Bradford LEA
  • Major contributor to the 1988 Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, Bradford LEA
  • Major contributor to the 1983 Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, Bradford LEA

Community, charity and NGO links

  • Vice Chair of Governors - Keelham Primary School
  • Parent  Governor - Thornton Grammar School
  • Community Governor - Bowling Park Primary School
  • Routes to Peace, community event organising committee member and volunteer. Annual workshops and music for peace and cohesion, schools and community.

Government and industry links

  • QCA - consultative group member, cross - curricular themes and dimensions SMSC
  • Home Office - Prevent; Stand up to Hatred; Stand up, Speak out, Make a difference; Choices Then and Now; Choices Then and Now identified as 'best practice' 2015.

Prizes and awards

  • Anne Frank Award - (Group) Stand up to Hatred
  • Serco - Global Achievement Award (Group) Kokeshi: Stand up, Speak out, Make a Difference


  • Chalcraft B. and Hadwen. D (2014) Choices Then and Now; mainstreaming Prevent Peace Museum UK (funded by the Home Office, via by BMDC)
  • Ali. M and Hadwen. D (2014) Alternative Narratives: Don’t Rain on My Parade On line Prevent teaching resources and background information www.dromp.co.uk Bradford Council for Mosques,University of Bradford, Peace Museum UK, BMDC (funded by the Home Office)
  • Chalcraft B. and Hadwen. D (2013) Routes to Peace; Hand Book Aurasma hand held learning trail – Peace Museum UK/Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Hadwen. D (2012) REspect– a scheme of work for secondary PRUs and alternative education providers BMDC
  • Chalcraft B. and Hadwen D. (2012) The Peace Challenge Soroptimists International/Peace Museum UK
  • Chalcraft B. & Hadwen D. (2011) Sport, Courage, Peace and Friendship I and C Works
  • D. and Frankish A. (2010) Trailblazers: stories and activities for Black History
  • Hadwen Hadwen D. (2009) Kokeshi: Stand up, Speak out, Make a difference! Education Bradford/Serco
  • Hadwen D. (2008) Stand Up to Hatred Education Bradford/ Serco Month   Education Bradford
  • Hadwen D. (2007) Identity Heritage and Belonging  Education Bradford/Serco
  • Hadwen D. (2006) Slavery an Unfinished Business Education Bradford/Serco


  • Hadwen D. (2013) Citizenship Foundation Magazine 37, Building Peace  Through    Education    Routes to Peace    ACT   http://issuu.com/openshaw/docs/actjournal37 
  • Hadwen. D (2014) Museums and Community Engagement; doing it well; on line article Museum Advisor http://advisor.museumsandheritage.com/features/the-peace-museum-proves-a-big-hit-with-audiences/
  • Hadwen D. (2007) Embracing Diversity   Child Education Magazine Scholastic
  • Hadwen D. (2006) Article  'Sacred Spaces', Vol 28 REsource the Journal for the Professional Council for RE. PCFRE
  • Hadwen D. (2000) Faiths in School Report in Valuing Faith: creating flourishing communities for the future  Q21
  • Hadwen D. (1995) The Story Box Project   RE Today


  • Embedding Prevent in ITE (2016) Ofsted Good Practice Conference
  • Mainstreaming Prevent (2016) Living and Learning in 21st Century Britain  Manchester Metropolitan University
  • ‘Sport Courage Peace and Friendship’ (2012) Sport Conflict and Reconciliation Conference, Liverpool Hope University
  • 'Sport, Courage, Peace and Friendship' – intergenerational learning (2013) Rosa Parks Symposium, Bradford University
  • The Peace Challenge, learning to live together; a cross – curricular strategy through story and active citizenship (2013) Soroptomists International Regional Conference, Leeds
  • Stand up, Speak out, Make a difference – pupil voice and power across the curriculum, primary and secondary (2011)  Rosa Parks Symposium - Bradford University
  • ICT and Citizenship (2011) International PSHE/Citizenship Conference, Leeds
  • PREVENT and the Curriculum (2010) DLGC Regional PREVENT Conference, Leeds

Video Materials        

  • Hadwen D. and Chalcraft B. (2009) The Big Picture Show (Kokeshi) 
  • Hadwen. D (2007) Sacred Spaces DVD Series (six religions) Interfaith Education Centre/PCfRE
  • Education Bradford/Serco and Carlton Bolling CLC
  • Hadwen. D (2006) A Cultural Heritage Trail Gulbenkian  Foundation/SERCO/Schools Linking Project