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As Departmental Lead for internationalisation an important part of my role is to help build a truly global environment at the University that interweaves international research collaborations and a diverse student population.

Teaching will always remain the core activity as an academic and I have always sought to develop and refine the relationship between photographic theory and practice, since taking up my post at the University in 2013.

I have taught in a range of Institutions from the University of South Wales, University of Brighton and Goldsmiths University in London. Through the various challenges and opportunities these previous roles, I have developed extensive experience in building a strong research culture that enriches the student experience that is for me, at the core of higher education in the arts.

Research and Scholarship

My research explores the use of documentary imagery in relation to art practices that explicitly operate in social and political realms and is interested in how antagonistic socially engaged art practices are a vital force in democratic society. I am interested in the discursive qualities of photography that have been expanded through the convergence of digital imaging devices and the increased speed of data transmission that has come to be known as web 2.0. This convergence has had the function of transforming our understanding and use of photographic images from objects that could be described as factual statements, into flows of data, becoming ephemeral gestures more equivalent to speech. I have published essays in a range of artist’s books and academic journals including: The Song Archive Project,  (2011), Imaginaires du présent. Photographie, politique et poétique de l’actualité, UQAM (2011). The Journal Of Postcolonial Writing, (2012). National Museum of Media, ‘Occupy the Image,’ (2013). On Perfection, Whitechapel Gallery, (2013), The Photoworks Annual, (2014), High-Rise, (2015).

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Devlin, L (2017) ‘Myth, Montage & Magic Realism: Rethinking the Photograph as a Discursive Document’. In: 54th Society for Photographic Education (SPE) Annual Conference 2017, 9-12 March 2017, Orlando, Florida

Mulhearn, R., Devlin, L., Beldea, A., Sailor, L., Eyre, S., Higginbottom, R. and Kurtis, S.(2017) Discursive Documents. [Show/Exhibition]


Devlin, L (2016) ‘Myth, Montage and Magic Realsim’. In: Society of Photographic Education 2017 National Conference, 9th - 12th March 2017, Orlando, Florida

Devlin, L (2016) ‘Occupy The Images’. In: Eitherand. London: National Media Museum. .


Devlin, L (2015) ‘In sight, In visible, In situ...’. In: High-rise. Cardiff: Ffotogallery. pp. 88-93. ISBN 978-1-872771-97-7


Fellow of the Higher Education Authority.

Research Degree Supervision

  • Contemporary Documentary Photography and Art practices
  • The Photobook
  • History and Photography
  • Philosophy and Photography

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Administrative Responsibilities

As Departmental Lead in Internationalisation I am responsible for the development of an international student cohort in the Department of Art & Communication. I line manage and oversee the admissions tutors and related activities.

Teaching and Professional Activities

I am the Year lead for the Final Year of the BA (hons) in Photography and as such I organise and manage all final year modules including:

THD1383 Research and Development for Photography

THD1384 Theory for Photography

THD1385 Major Project for Photography.