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Anna joined the University of Huddersfield in March 2015 as a University Research Fellow at the Institute of Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention, School of Human and Health Sciences. Prior to this employment Anna worked at the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Sciences, University of Manchester, Unilever R&D Port Sunlight and at the School of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Leeds. She graduated as a biophysicist (BSc 1996, MSc 1999) from St Petersburg State University (St Petersburg, Russia) and obtained her PhD degree in Physical Chemistry at the Lund University, Sweden in November 2005. The PhD Thesis is available upon request.

Research and Scholarship

Anna is a molecular modeller working with problems of Life Sciences. Her research interests include studies of biomolecules on the atomistic and coarse-grained levels (Molecular Dynamics) with a particular interest in human skin structure, properties and permeation. Anna’s current computational research projects are:

  • The exploration of the effect of natural oils (fatty acids and monoglycerides) on skin lipids membranes) - the paper is submitted
  • The investigation of molecular self-assembly and properties of formed aggregates and mesophases of discotic liquid crystal molecules using atomistic and coarse grained models
  • The study of the effect of modern permeation enhancers and antimicrobial molecules on the skin lipids
  • The study of the interactions between cell membranes and nanomaterials used in medical devices (artificial implants)

Anna is also involved in the skin reperfusion studies (lead by Dr Karen Ousey), where she conducts experiments using Perimed Laser Doppler.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Akinshina, A., Das, C. and Noro, M. (2016) ‘Effect of monoglycerides and fatty acids on a ceramide bilayerPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics , 18 (26), pp. 17446-17460. ISSN 1463-9076


Akinshina, A., Walker, M., Wilson, M., Tiddy, G., Masters, A. and Carbone, P. (2015) ‘Thermodynamics of the self-assembly of non-ionic chromonic molecules using atomistic simulations. The case of TP6EO2M in aqueous solutionSoft Matter , 4, pp. 680-691. ISSN 1744-683X


  • Member of CCP5 (Computational Collaboration Project) from 2015
  • Journal Reviewer for:
    • Biomacromolecules
    • Journal of Physical Chemistry B
    • Macromolecular Theory and Simulations

Research Degree Supervision

Potential projects

  • Study of skin structure, properties and permeation by use of atomistic and coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics

Previous co-supervisions