Portrait of Mr Jonathan Hepworth Mr Jonathan Hepworth

j.m.hepworth@hud.ac.uk | 01484 478125



Qualifications: MA, PGCE, BA (Hons)

Senior Lecturer (Curriculum Leader) for Subject-Specific Pedagogy in ITE Project

I joined the School of Education and Professional Development in January 2016 to work on a three-year national research project on initial teacher education for vocational science, engineering and technology teachers working in colleges. The project is funded by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation.

Prior to this I worked at Kirklees College for 16 years across various teaching and managerial roles. During this period in the post-16 sector I started as a part-time lecturer in 1999 and have since undertaken a range of teaching and managerial roles duties including Educational Technologist, Learner Wellbeing & Safeguarding, Course Coordinator and Acting Curriculum Team Leader.

My interests include access to education, diversity, cohesion and equality, national college governance and how local relationships and aims are realised. In addition to this, I continue to be intrigued by creative, accessible curriculum design particularly where interdisciplinary approaches present themselves.

Research and Scholarship

Current Research/Project:  ITE-VocSET is a three-year Gatsby funded project that is focused on researching and developing subject specific pedagogy associated with the successful teaching of vocational science, engineering and technology (SET), especially at technician level. The development of subject specific pedagogy for this project is particularly located in the initial teacher education (ITE) of SET teachers.The project’s initial aim is to research subject specific pedagogy to inform the production of resources for an intervention during the ITE of vocational SET teachers in colleges.