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I joined the School of Education and Professional Development in February 2016 to work on a three-year national research project on initial teacher education for vocational science, engineering and technology teachers working in colleges. The project is funded by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation. I also work one day a week for the Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (Chemistry Department) at the University of York evaluating the "Children Challenging Industry" schools programme.

Previously I worked at the Institute for Effective Education, University of York where I was involved in evaluations of science, maths and literacy interventions at both primary and secondary school level. Many of these took the form of randomised controlled trials. Before that, I worked at the University of Southampton where I focused on research into science education, using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. I was also responsible for course evaluation and market research for the Science Learning Centre South East. Before working in universities, I was involved in market, social and media research in a variety of organisations including the Independent Television Commission, the British Board of Film Classification and the Co-operative Wholesale Society. I also worked as a journalist on Which? magazine.

Research and Scholarship

My interests include research in further education, equality of access for all, schools/industry outreach, and the use of mixed methods in research.

I am researcher on a three-year Gatsby-funded project to research, develop and evaluate an intervention around subjecti-specialist pedagogy in science, engineering and technology teachers in Further Education.

I am also involved with two projects at the University of York: building links between primary schools and manufacturing industry, and evaluating an intervention to improve support for EAL (English as an Additional Language) pupils in the mainstream classroom.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Co-deliverer of keynote speech at Association for Science Education (ASE) International Day (2016) (Practical work in science: Why we do it, and what it’s like when it works well)

Reviewer for Journal of Biological Education and Child: Care, Health & Development (ongoing)

Peer reviewer for Education Endowment Foundation reports (ongoing)

Reviewed grant applications for Nuffield Foundation