Portrait of Dr Johanna Fawkes Dr Johanna Fawkes

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Principal Research Fellow, Department of Management
Athena Swan Lead


PhD, MA, BA(Hons), Graduate Certificate in University Leadership and Management

Research Projects

Global Capabilities in Public Relations and Communication Management (GCPR)

Dr Johanna Fawkes joined the University of Huddersfield Business School in March 2016 as Principal Research Fellow. She is Principal Investigator for a global research project based in Huddersfield and working with public relations’ professional bodies, practitioners and educators around the world (see below for more detail). Her previous position was Senior Lecturer in Public Relations at Charles Sturt University in Australia where she led a Doctor of Communication programme as well as teaching across all levels, from 2011 to 2016. Johanna has developed and delivered undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees in PR at the London College of Printing (now part of the University of the Arts London), the University of Central Lancashire and Leeds Metropolitan (now Beckett) University, where she ran the largest UG PR degree in the UK for many years. She has also been an independent researcher and consultant to the PR professional body and various public sector organisations, including the communication aspects of a city-wide anti-obesity campaign. She completed her PhD, which examined professional ethics from a Jungian perspective, in 2011. Her book, loosely based on the thesis, but re-focused on PR as a profession, was published by Routledge in 2015.

Research and Scholarship

The Capabilities Framework project is a two year, University-funded research investigation, under the supervision of Professor Anne Gregory,  into the capabilities of public relations and communication management at professional, organisational and individual levels. It aims to discover which, if any, capabilities are shared across continents and to reflect cultural variations in  understanding the capabilities of PR.  Working with academic partners across 6 continents, the research will use Delphi techniques to establish the priorities of different countries and regions and then test those preferences with wider populations. After further validation, assessment tools will be developed for use by professional bodies, employers and practitioners. There will also be a wide range of meetings and publications to disseminate findings from this global project.  Supporters include the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management and the UK Goverrnment Communication Service.

Also working on two book proposals: one on Organisational and Professional Ethics; the other on the impact of PR on global culture.

Three book chapters are due for publication in 2016, with an invited contribution to the Encyclopeadia of Communication Ethics due in 2017.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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  • Australian Research Council reviewer in 2015 ERA
  • Editorial Board member: Public Relations Inquiry (2011-); Persona Studies Journal (2015-); fusion online magazine (2013-)
  • Guest Editor (with Dr P. Simmons) of special edition of fusion (2015)
  • Guest Editor, Ethical Space, Vol 6. No 2 (2009)
  • Keynote address to 13th National Communication Ethics Conference, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA (2014)
  • Keynote to Australia Computer Society Ethics Committee (2014)
  • Plenary address to Jungian Scholarly Studies Society, Chicago (2013)
  • Invited seminars at Queensland University of Technology (2012) and University of New South Wales (2014)
  • Chief Examiner, Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ Diploma (2005-7)
  • Advisory Group, Institute for Communication Ethics (2006-)
  • Fellow, Centre for Governance, Leadership & Global responsibility, Leeds Beckett University (2011-)

Research Degree Supervision

Main interests
Professional ethics, critical public relations studies, communication in societal context, Jungian ethics, professionalism

Doctoral supervision completed in:

  • News coverage of Canadian indigenous peoples
  • Role of communication in determining perceptions of CEOs


  • Employees sense of being valued during organisational change
  • Analysis of Australian political speeches in constructing Islamic identity

Teaching and Professional Activities

Business School representative for Athena Swan