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Nadia joined the University of Huddersfield as a Reader in Forensic Psychology in September 2016.  She was previously a Reader in Psychology at the University of Bedfordshire and prior to that a Principal Lecturer in Forensic Psychology at Buckinghamshire New University.  She is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Chartered Psychologist (Teaching and Research), having been awarded a PhD from Brunel University in 2002. Nadia’s doctoral studies focused on the impact of occupational stress on employees’ health.  Specifically, she examined the psychophysiological responses of employees to their supervisors' interactional styles. In 2009 Nadia completed the British Psychological Society's independent route to achieving Stage One of the Diploma in Forensic Psychology (equivalent to an MSc). Her dissertation for this was a critical review of the potential social-cognitive mechanisms that might potentiate risk for sexual revictimisation. This has served as a catalyst for her on-going empirical research in this area.

Research and Scholarship

Nadia is an active applied researcher who engages with community partners in evaluation, training and research activities. Partners to-date have included; Thames Valley and Bedfordshire Police, Thames Valley Probation, Circles South East, NOTA, Buckinghamshire County Council, Bracknell Forest Community Safety Partnership, Restorative Solutions, R U Safe etc. Her main focus is on victimisation (both as primary victims and secondary victims) and the application of restorative justice practices to serious crimes such as sexual and domestic violence, and modern day slavery.

Her current projects include:

  1. An evaluation of restorative justice services for victims of serious crimes
  2. Evaluation of the Independent Trauma Advisors in responding to modern day slavery in the Thames Valley area
  3. Justice and healing from sexual victimisation in the context of the acquittal of the defendant or the discontinuation of the case by the police or crown prosecution service

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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External examiner for doctoral candidate Anna Gekoski (Middlesex University) 2012

On-going Advisory Roles:

Circles South East – Member of the Advisory Board for Restorative Justice Forums for victims of sexual crime (Since 2014)

Thames Valley Partnership – Member of the Restorative Justice Advisory Group (Sinse 2013)

Thames Valley Office of the Police Crime Commissioner -  Member of Modern Slavery Advisory Group (Since 2015)

Circles UK – Member of the Research and Evaluation Advisory Group (Since 2016)

SAFE! – Member of the Board of Trustees (Since 2016)


Invited Talks and Papers/Keynote Speeches

  1. Wager, N. (2009) Issues in Researching Histories of Childhood Sexual Abuse: “Is it okay to ask THAT question?” Researching Sexual Abuse One Day Conference.  FreshStart / NSPCC, London (5th June)
  2. Wager, N. (2010) The Long-Term Impact of Child Sexual Assault: Exceptional Risk for Adult Sexual Assault. Newport Centre for Criminal and Community Justice Conference ‘Sex Offenders – Punish, Help, Change or Control?’ University of Wales, (Oral Presentation) 29th April 2010
  3. Wager, N. (2011) Restorative Justice: How Does it Work? Community Sentences Cut Crime Open Day. The Howard League for Penal Reform and Thames Valley Probation, Thames Barn Centre, Thame  (18th May)
  4. Wager, N, O’Keeffe, C., Bates, A. & Emerson, G. (2013). Researching Practice and Protecting Victims -  AThames Valley Example.  Conference organised by the European Restorative Justice Collaboration, Restoring the Balance: Ensuring Restorative Justice Post-Sentence is Safe and Helpful for Victims. St. Catherine’s College, Oxford (28th November)
  5. Wager, N. (2014) Using Restorative Justice in the Context of Sexual Victimisation. Therapy in forensic settings: practices and challenges: Open University: Milton Keynes (June 2nd-3rd)
  6. Wager, N. & Wilson, C. (2014). What is the restorative space that a survivor-volunteer and core member occupy within a Circle? First International CoSA Conference, Barcelona, Spain (21st November)
  7. Wager, N. (2015) Restorative justice and the potential health benefits for victims. House of Lords. London (20th October)
  8. Wager, N. (2016) Restorative Justice and Sexual Violence Seminar. Gender Interdisciplinary Group, School for Social Policy, University of Bristol (27th January).
  9. Wager, N. & Allnock, D. (2016) Key Messages from Research. Launch of Victim Support’s Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Project: “Speak to me”. Manchester (29th March) and London (31st March)
  10. Wager, N. (2016). Sexual Revictimisation: A whistle-stop tour around ‘what, who, why and how’.  Talk to Choices Counselling AGM. Trinity College, Cambridge (17th September)

Recent media engagement

November 2013 Interviewed by ITV news to discuss the case of Anxiang Du who murdered four members of the Ding family (brief mention - http://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2013-11-27/anxiang-du-found-guilty-of-murdering-four-members-of-the-ding-family)

14th December 2014 – radio interview for Three Counties Radio – on the impact on families of relatives who go missing

17th June 2015 – radio interview for Three Counties Radio – discussing my research on sexual revictimisation and the NSPCC report on the increase in reporting of child sexual abuse

27th September 2015  – Interviewed by Kate Hilpern, a reporter for the Independent newspaper regarding a restorative justice case involving a face-to-face meeting between a victim and perpetrator in the aftermath of domestic violence and rape http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/why-i-met-my-rapist-one-woman-explains-how-a-face-to-face-meeting-brought-closure -a6669261.html

Research Degree Supervision

Nadia is interested in supervising projects in the broad areas of gendered-violence (e.g. domestic and sexual violence) and restorative justice. 

With regards to previous PhD students, she has twelve successful completions to date which include the following candidates and projects:

  • Caroline Metcalf –  Internet sex offenders – PhD Awarded March 2006
  • Howard Taylor – Occupational Stress – Leadership and communication styles – PhD Awarded February 2008
  • Cheryl Pitt –  Psychosocial variables and their impact on the quality of life of children born with MPS Hurler disease who have undergone bone marrow transplant  - PhD Awarded August 2009
  • Cynthia Richardson –  Recovery following sexual victimisation (Awarded February 2010)
  • Wendy Snowden – Cognitive Effects of Caffeine (Awarded July 2010)
  • Helen Marsden – Occult workplace hypertension (Awarded March 2010)
  • Johana Nayon – Life Satisfaction Following Myocardial Infarction: A cross-cultural analysis between the UK and South Korea (PhD Awarded February 2011)
  • Nicola Mallowan –  Attitudes towards Illicit Drugs and Drug Users and Impact on Service Engagement (PhD awarded November 2012)
  • Jacqui Hart –  The influence of adverse childhood events on women’s offending trajectory.  (Awarded PhD 2014)
  • Valerie Oliver – Using the Fine Arts to Re-engage Marginalised Youth (Awarded Jan 2016)
  • Elham Al-Shaibani - Cultural Intelligence in service staff of the hotel industry in Iraq (Awarded Jan 2016)

Her current students include:

  • Andriana Karagianni – A feminist grounded theory exploration of the process of recovery following child sexual assault.  (University of Bedfordshire - Due to submit in January 2017)
  • Sarah Burke – First Supervisor – Evaluation of CALM’s restorative justice provision in the context of serious crimes (Part-time, due to submit September 2020)

Postgraduate research opportunities with Dr Nadia Wager


MSc by Research

Enterprise Activities

Since 2013 Nadia has partnered with Restorative Solutions, Thames Valley Probation (now National Probation Service) and AIM  to design and deliver a three-day training package for experienced restorative justice facilitators to assist with identification of the issues to consider when contemplating offering their service in cases of sexual violence.

Teaching and Professional Activities

Nadia is the module co-ordinator for both the research project modules on the Undergraduate and MSc Psychology programmes.

She also contributes on:

  • HIB2006 Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
  • HFB2010 Psychology of Criminal Behaviour
  • HFB2012 Psychology Across the Lifecourse
  • HIB1048 Introduction to Work and Organisational Psychology