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Daniela Crocetti is a Senior Research Fellow at Huddersfield as part of a Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant project on Intersex, Human Rights and Citizenship. They joined the School of Human and Health Sciences in 2016. Daniela completed their PhD in 2011 at the University of Bologna in Italy, which addressed the medicalization of the gendered body from a social studies of science and medicine perspective. Daniela has also researched and published on the social history of the gendered components of the body (such as hormones and chromosomes), genetic laboratory practice, health activism and chronic disease experience. Prior to their appointment here, Daniela conducted qualitative research with women affected by, or carriers of, bleeding disorders at the University of Bologna. Their first book, L'invisibile intersex. Storie di corpi medicalizzati [Invisible Intersex. Histories of Medicalized Bodies] was written in collaboration with AISIA (Associazione Italiana Sindrome da Insensibilità agli Androgeni), the Italian AIS (Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome) support association, and published by ETS, Pisa. With funding from the Intersex Fund, Daniela and Claudia Balsamo created the informational website www.intersexesiste.com in order to provide more accurate Italian language information on Intersex/DSD to a general public. Daniela has also taught undergraduate lecture and seminar courses at the University of Bologna and the CIEE Study Center in Ferrara.

Research and Scholarship

Daniela specializes in social research on gender, sex and medical experience. They research has focused on historical aspects of medical knowledge construction, as well as the subjective experience of those diagnosed. In both they research on Intersex and Bleeding Disorders this has led to intersectional research on medical activism, subjective experience of life-long diagnostic categories, and consideration of the socio-medical construction of the diagnostic categories themselves. 

University research group memberships

Daniela Crocetti is currently a member of the Centre for Research in the Social Sciences.

Research interests

  • Intersex/DSD Human Rights
  • Social history of gender, science and medicine
  • Human Rights and strategies for addressing them
  • Subjective experience of medical treatment
  • Disability Theory
  • Intersectionality Theory

Research Projects

Daniela is currently conducting a project on human rights framing and activist strategies used to address Intersex/DSD in Europe (specifically focusing on Italy, Switzerland and the UK) in order to map the strategies, agendas, actions and results of the diverse Intersex/DSD activists.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Monro, S., Crocetti, D., Yeadon-Lee, T., Garland, F. and Travis, M. (2017) Intersex, Variations of Sex Characteristics, and DSD: The Need for Change University of Huddersfield

Monro, S., Crocetti, D. and Yeadon-Lee, T. (2017) ‘Gender Pluralism: How useful is it in supporting the health of transgender people?’. In: 2nd bi-annual EPATH conference Contemporary Trans Health in Europe, 6-8th April 2017, Belgrade

Crocetti, D., Monro, S. and Yeadon-Lee, T. (2017) ‘Intersex activism, bringing the personal to the public’. In: British Sociological Association (BSA) Annual Conference 2017 Recovering the Social: Personal Troubles and Public Issues., 4th - 6th April 2017, University of Manchester

Crocetti, D (2017) ‘Intersex e i diritti umani : Intersex and Human Rights’. In: Festival della Cultura Psicologica. Da ermafrodita a Intersex: il coraggio per dirlo. Esperienze, studi e pubblicazioni :Festival of Psychological Culture. From hermaphroditism to Intersex: the courage to say it. Experiences, studies and publications, 14/1/17, Brescia, Italia


Crocetti, D (2016) ‘Medicalizing the gendered body: Intersex/DSD and Human Rights’. In: CRISS seminar series, 6/12/16, University of Huddersfield

Brigati, R. and Crocetti, D. (2016) ‘A State of Flux: On BleedingJournal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies , 10 (3). ISSN 1757-6458


Politesse - Politics and Theories of Sexuality – University of Verona

DeMorbo - interdisciplinary study of disease, disability, and corporeality

Research Degree Supervision

I welcome applications for research supervision in the following areas:

  • Medical anthropology/sociology
  • Anthropology/Sociology of the body
  • Social and medical regulation of the body
  • Gender, Sex and the body
  • Disability Studies