Portrait of Dr Elizabeth Montoya Dr Elizabeth Montoya

e.montoyamartinez@hud.ac.uk | 01484 472112


Position: Research fellow, Department of Management
Qualifications: PhD, MSc(RES), BSc
Research Projects: Global Capabilities in Public Relations and Communication Management (GCPR)


Elizabeth joined the University of Huddersfield Department of People, Management and Organisations in June 2016 as a Research Fellow.

Prior to joining the University, Elizabeth completed a PhD in Management at the University of Edinburgh funded by Colciencias (S&T Department in Colombia). Her PhD research explores knowledge and learning in New technology-based Firms in an early stage entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Prior to embarking on an academic career, Elizabeth worked as project manager for more than seven years. While working, she also engaged in part time teaching at undergraduate level in Mathematics and Physics and she did her Master. Her first-hand experience managing educational projects and doing her master thesis inspired her interests in entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and capabilities.

Elizabeth holds a BSc in Civil Engineering and a MSc(RES) in Management Engineering. She also worked as a University Teacher at Louborough University in London and as Tutor Assistant at the University of Edinburgh at entrepreneurial courses for postgraduate programs.

Research and Scholarship

Elizabeth research interests are three unfold. First, she is interested in capabilities development at new and established firms, her main PhD main contribution is the identification of four different types of knowledge integration in new technology-based firms when developing market knowledge capability and technical knowledge capability. She is also interested in entrepreneurial ecosystems, she states that entrepreneurship is contextual therefore we cannot understand entrepreneurship without understanding the context in which it happens. She is also interested in how new venture teams manage networks and build skill-balanced teams.

Elizabeth is working part-time as a research fellow in The Capabilities Framework project. This project is funded by the University of Huddersfield, under the supervision of Professor Anne Gregory. The project emerged as a need by a mandate given by members of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management in 2014. Its main goal is to construct a framework of capabilities for at Public Relations and Communication management. To date, the research is being conducted in 9 countries (Sweden, Spain, Argentina, Canada, US, South Africa, Singapore, Australia and UK). The research will use Delphi techniques to establish the priorities of different countries and regions and then test those preferences with wider populations. After further validation, assessment tools will be developed for use by professional bodies, employers and practitioners. There will also be a wide range of meetings and publications to disseminate findings from this global project. 

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Montoya Martinez, E. and Cooper, S. (2016) ‘Early stage Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, towards a systemic view of entrepreneurship’. In: HTSF: High Technology Small Firms Conference, 14th-15th June 2016, Liverpool, UK


Montoya Martinez, E., Cooper, S. and Gregson, G. (2013) ‘The Role of Entrepreneurial Networks in New Technology Based Firms in Colombia’. In: ALTEC, 27-31st October 2013, Portugal

Research Degree Supervision

Elizabeth has been involved in supervising master thesis. Her primary research is qualitative but she has a basic knowledge of quantitative research. Her areas of interests includes entrepreneurial learning, entrepreneurial teams, capabilities development, entrepreneurial ecosystems, digital entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial networks.