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Areas of research expertise and interest


Matin joined the Institute of Railway Research (IRR) as a Senior Research Fellow in October 2016. He is an expert in rolling contact mechanics with wide ranging knowledge of related damage mechanisms such as wear and rolling contact fatigue (RCF).

He received his PhD from KTH Royal Institute of technology in Sweden with his thesis titled: “On Efficient Modelling of Wheel-Rail Contact in Vehicle Dynamics Simulation”.

He has developed a novel wheel-rail contact model suitable to be used within vehicle dynamics packages for damage predictions. His publication of the model has attracted interests from the scientific community. 

Matin has been working within the railway industry in Sweden and he has been involved in various collaborations with researchers from around the world.    

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Sichani, M., Enblom, R. and Berg, M. (2016) ‘A fast wheel–rail contact model for application to damage analysis in vehicle dynamics simulationWear , 366-67, pp. 123-130. ISSN 0043-1648

Sichani, M., Enblom, R. and Berg, M. (2016) ‘An alternative to FASTSIM for tangential solution of the wheel?rail contactVehicle System Dynamics , pp. 748-764. ISSN 0042-3114

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Sichani, M., Enblom, R. and Berg, M. (2014) ‘Comparison of non-elliptic contact models: Towards fast and accurate modelling of wheel-rail contactWear , 314 (1-2), pp. 111-117. ISSN 0043-1648

Sichani, M., Enblom, R. and Berg, M. (2014) ‘A fast non-elliptic contact model for application to rail vehicle dynamics simulationCivil-Comp Proceedings , 104 (266). ISSN 1759-3433


Reviewer for a number of journals including:

  • Vehicle System Dynamics
  • Wear

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