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m.t.mirza@hud.ac.uk | 01484 473156


Position: Principal Lecturer in Marketing, Department of Logistics, Operations, Hospitality and Marketing
Qualifications: BA,DipM, MSc,FCIM,MIPR,FHEA

Mohammed has extensive expertise in international recruitment, international student support, marketing, communications, and customer care; all gained in diverse and challenging environments.

Mohammed was responsible for initiating international students support initiatives in the Business School which were subsequently adopted university-wide. He is now the Head of International Student Support for the Business School.

As Head of International Student Support for the Business School, Mohammed is responsible for developing, implementing and managing the Business School's support and development for international students.

Mohammed is based within the Department of Strategy & Marketing where he is Principal Lecturer in Marketing and Enterprise Development Lead. He has also served as University-wide Mentor, University-wide KTP Advisor & Mentor, Pan School role on Post Graduate Development and Enhancement. One of the KTP’s he managed received a national award and a prestigious Grade 1 as well as being forwarded for the best overall national KTP programme.

Previously, Mohammed worked in the BNFL Corporate Communications Unit in a dual role. Firstly, working towards harmonizing BNFL’s communications, and secondly, as a researcher and consultant in the area of integrated communications. During his time at Railtrack he developed and streamlined the company's internal communications strategies and procedures, primarily focusing on enhancing employee satisfaction through delivering accurate and timely communications during a time of change and uncertainty.

During his time at Pinderfields General Hospital, Mohammed introduced the hospitals internal communication agenda based around an integrated patient and staff needs approach. One of the first strategies of its kind within the public health sector at that time.

Research and Scholarship

Mohammed has researched specifically on knowledge and learning in SMEs. His current research interests include service quality, in particular, its impact on the student experience.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Research Degree Supervision

PhD current supervision

  1. Service quality if the UK fitness industry
  2. Service quality in Libyan Banks
  3. Service quality in British Higher education

Enterprise Activities

Enterprise Development Lead – Department of Strategy & Marketing.

Mohammed has engaged with consultancy, training and enterprise activities for 25 years in the following areas:


Delivering on marketing strategy and planning at both the organisational and product level. Specifically:

  • Auditing, developing and implementing an organisation’s internal marketing strategies.
  • Customising and incorporating marketing strategy, planning and best practice.
  • Covering aspects of services marketing and developing practical strategies to combat the unique challenges facing service organisations.
  • Developing and delivering contemporary marketing training programmes.


Developing, planning, and implementing communications strategies. Specifically:

  • The design and implementation of internal communications instruments and methodology.
  • Facilitating internal communications workshops based on competencies and skills training.
  • Developing integrated communications, through directing the principle of synergistic output to optimally manage organisational and stakeholder relationships.

Customer Care Management

Developing and implementing frameworks based on a holistic and strategic approach to customer care management. Specifically:

  • Establishing customer care as a sustainable competitive advantage strategy.
  • Enhancing employee and customer roles in service delivery.
  • Utilising the Gaps model of service quality to identify service delivery failure, and augmenting appropriate strategies to ensure gap closure to deliver optimum customer care.

Teaching and Professional Activities

Phd Examinations Supervision:

University of Leeds – External Examiner PhD (2010)
University of Leeds – External Examiner PhD (2012)

University of Hull – External Examiner PhD (2014)
University of Huddersfield: MA by Research – Internal Examiner (2013)

Modules currently taught:


Masters Level:

BMK0101 Marketing Management
BMK 0125 Achieving Customer engagement

Undergraduate Level:

BHK 0033 Sports & Leisure Consumers
BHK 0038 Sports Branding & Sponsorship
BHK 0041 Creative Brand Management
BHK 0036 PR & Sponsorship

Professional Memberships

Chartered Marketer & Fellow (FCIM)
Institute of Public Relations Chartered Practitioner (MIPR)
Fellow Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

External Appointments
Reviewer for The Academy of Marketing
Reviewer for McGraw-Hill & Pearson Publications