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q.ahmed@hud.ac.uk | 01484 473973

Areas of research expertise and interest


Q Z Ahmed is a Lecturer in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Huddersfield, UK. He received his Electrical Engineering degree from the National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan, in 2001, the MSc. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California, USC, Los Angeles, USA in 2005, and his Ph.D. degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from University of Southampton, UK, in 2009. During his PhD he worked on Ultra-wide bandwidth systems. From 2009 to 2011, he was working as an Assistant Professor at the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES), Islamabad, Pakistan. In 2011 he started working as a Post-doctoral Fellow at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) on Cooperative Communications. In 2015, he started working as a Lecturer at the University of Kent where he was involved with research on millimetre wave and device to device communications.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Husbands, R., Ahmed, Q., Khan, F., Lazaridis, P. and Glover, I. (2017) ‘Transmit Antenna Selection for Massive MIMO SystemsProceedings of the XXXIInd International Union of Radio Science General Assembly & Scientific Symposium (URSI GASS), (Montreal, 19-26 August 2017) .

Pan, Y., Pan, C., Zhu, H., Ahmed, Q., Chen, M. and Wang, J. (2017) ‘On consideration of content preference and sharing willingness in D2D assisted offloadingIEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications , 35 (4), pp. 978-993. ISSN 0733-8716

Ahmed, Q., Park, K. and Alouini, M. (2015) ‘Ultrawide bandwidth receiver based on a multivariate generalized gaussian distributionIEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications , 14 (4), pp. 1800-1810. ISSN 1536-1276

Abuzaid, A., Ahmed, Q. and Alouini, M. (2015) ‘Joint preprocesser-based detector for cooperative networks with limited hardware processing capabilityIEEE Signal Processing Letters , 22 (2), pp. 216-219. ISSN 1070-9908

Ahmed, Q., Ahmed, S., Alouini, M. and Aissa, S. (2015) ‘Minimizing the symbol-error-rate for amplify-and-forward relaying systems using evolutionary algorithmsIEEE Transactions on Communications , 63 (2), pp. 390-400. ISSN 0090-6778

Conference Item

Mistry, K., Lazaridis, P., Glover, I., Holmes, V., Khan, F., Ahmed, Q., Zaharis, Z. and Xenos, T. (2017) ‘Measurement, simulation and optimization of wideband log-periodic antennas’. In: URSI GASS 2017, 19-26 August 2017, Montreal, Canada


Dr Ahmed has authored over 40 papers in peer-reviewed high-impact journals and international conference proceedings, and is a member of the IEEE and FHEA



Research Degree Supervision

Teaching and Professional Activities

  • Control Systems (3rd Year)
  • Analogue Electronics (2nd Year)
  • Electronics Principles 2 (2nd Year)
  • I have also contributed to a number of modules for our MSc and BSc.
  • At Kent I was involved with Analogue and Digital Communications (2nd Year), Information and Coding Theory (3rd Year) and Digital Communications (Masters).
  • At NUCES, I was involved in Probability and Random Processes, Advanced Digital Signal Processing, Stochastic Processes and Wireless Communications.