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Position: Professor of Law – Law School
Qualifications: Juris Doctor Summa cum Laude - Ph.D. - MSc in Banking and Finance - LL.M. – PGCAP


Pierre has joined the University of Huddersfield, School of Law, in August 2017. Previously, for four years, he was Associate Professor of Business Law at the School of Social Sciences, Business Management Department, at Heriot Watt University (HWU), Edinburgh (Scotland), where I started as lecturer in 2008. At Heriot Watt University PierreI was the course leader of International Banking and Financial Law, Company Law and Employment Law. Professor de Gioia is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA; since 2010). He was also a member of the Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities from 2014 unitl 2017.

Graduating in Law from the University of Bari (110/110 summa cum laude, with a final dissertation in banking law), Pierre then went on to complete both his Master in Banking and his Ph.D. in Banking and Financial Law (Siena University – Studium Senese 1240 - in Tuscany). Pierre has also achieved an LL.M. in European and International Trade Law (Glasgow Caledonian University, with distinction, prize as the best LLM student and best dissertation in law) and a Post-graduate Course in Academic Practice (PGCAP: Heriot-Watt University). Pierre is very proud of his Diploma in Classical Studies (Lyceum Gymnasium 60/60), where he read for five years Literature, Latin and Ancient Greek among the other subjects.

Pierre is qualified as a lawyer in both Italy (Avvocato) and Scotland (Solicitor and Notary Public).

Following the completion of his Law degree Pierre has worked as a lawyer in the legal department of a number of large corporate banking and financial institutions (IMI, SAN PAOLO IMI, Deutsche Bank; in the latter institution he was the head of the Corporate and Investment Banking Legal Department). Furthermore Pierre worked for nearly three years for the international Law Firm Baker & McKenzie where he was Senior Advocate in the Practice group Banking, Finance and Securities. Latterly, Prof. de Gioia Carabellese has worked and he is still working independently as a legal advisor and advocate providing legal assistance in international commercial and financial contracts to a number of corporations and financial institutions in Europe. Pierre also advisea in capital markets transactions (IPO, take-overs) and in company law and banking and financial regulation.

To date, Pierre has contributed to more than 60 publications in the area of Business Law, with topics spanning Banking and Financial Law, Company Law, Contract Law and Comparative Analysis. In 2014 Pierre wrote with Matthias Haentjens, professor of Banking Law at the University of Leiden Law School, a textbook in European Banking and Financial Law; the book has been published by Routledge UK in June 2015. The second revised edition, a research book, is ude in 2018. With Prof. Haentjens, University of Leiden Law School, Prof. de Gioia has also recently published the first statute textbook in European Banking and Financial Law. Among Pierre’s areas of research, it is worth mentioning securitizations, financial contracts, takeovers, single supervisory merchanism, insolvency and particularly bank insolvency, compound interest as well as corporate governance. Prof. de Gioia’s research also touches on employment law topics, such as the employee shareholder, the contract of employment and the economic dismissal.

Research and Scholarship

Banking and Financial Law – Company Law – Employment Law – Contract Law – Comparative Analysis of Law

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Prof. de Gioia holds numerous international appointments. He has been Visiting Scholar in Banking and Financial Law at the law school of the University of Leiden (Hazelhoff Centre for the Financial law) since July 2014. He is also Professor of the Ph.D. School in Employment Law and Human Capital Formation at the University of Bergamo and Adjunct Professor of International Financial Law, at the University of Padua (‘MASCI’ post-graduate programme in International Commerce). In the last five years, Prof. de Gioia has been visiting in numerous occasions also at the University of Venice – Ca’ Foscari, particularly at the Chair of Porf. Adalberto Perulli, professor of Employment Law. Finally, at the School of Management of Ca’ Foscari Pierre has played in two academic years the role of Professor of Law of Mergers and Acquisitions (2016 and 2017). In 2015 Prof. de Gioia Carabellese was appointed Visiting Professor of Private Law at the University of Calgiari, School of Law, with a research grant of Euro 17,000. In the same institution, in July 2016, Pierre was Visiting Scientist in Private Law, with a research grant of euro 5,000. Since 2012 Pierre has been Professor sat the Ph.D. School in Human Capital Formation and Employment Law of the Universiyt of Bergamo.   

In the last five years Pierre has been panellist and/or keynote speaker in different international institutions such as the Universiyt of Glasgow Law school, the Warsaw School of Economics, the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari, Bocconi University Milan, The Institute of Advance Legal Studies London, the King’s College London, LUISS Guido Carli Rome.   

In December 2016, at the University of Padua, Law School, the oldest law school in the world after Bologna, Pierre has been short-term visiting professor in banking law (Chair of Prof. bilingual (English and Italian). In this capacity he delivered four conferences on depositors’ protection, single resolution mechanism, single supervisory mechanism. For November 2017 Pierre has been succefully reappointed visiting professor at the Padua Law school, with two planned conferences on the bank insolvency and the resolution tools expected for that period.

Pierre holds dual citizenship (both British and Italian) and he is conversant in both French and Spanish. As he passionately learnt Latin and Ancient Greek for five years when he was at the Gymnasium, he still loves the reading of the Roman classics in their original languages.

Although Pierre is a world-wide recognised researcher, his students and his teaching activities are integral part of this academic commitment. At HWU, in 2012, Pierre won the student award at HWU for ‘Best Lecturer, Innovative Feedback’. In 2014 Prof. de Gioia was awarded the prize as ‘Most Supportive Lecturer’ in the Business Management Department. In 2015, Pierre completed the ‘treble’ as he was awarded the University special ‘Suave Award’. In 2017, at Heriot Watt University Pierre was shortlisted as the best lecturer in ‘Switched-on Award’. At the time he resigned from HWU (June 2017), Pierre was the first and the only lecturer to have won all the different categories of teaching award.

Prof. de Gioia Carabellese is a qualified member of both the Law society of Scotland and the Italian Bar (Rome Bar) and his law chambers are in Rome, Edinburgh and Venice.

Research Degree Supervision

Banking Law – Contract Law - Comparative Analyis in Law - Employment Law – International Law

Enterprise Activities

Prof. de Gioia Carabellese is currently working in a project (Feral Horses) aimed at the creation of the first online regulated market of art-works. As advocate and financial lawyer, in the last ten years Prof. de Gioia Carabellese has provided advice and legal assistance to banks, financial institutions and multinational compamies. Among his main areas of professional activities mention can be made to international contracts, capital market transations and banking regulation.

Teaching and Professional Activities

Professor de Gioia Carabellese is leader in the brand-new module of International Banking and Financial Law and International Company Law.

Furthermore, as Adjunct Professor of Law of Mergers and Acquisitions, in June and July Pierre is in charge of a 16 hour module in International Financial Law at the University of Padua (MSc in International Trade).