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Professor Parikshit Goswami (BSc (Tech), MSc, PhD, MRSC, ASDC, C Col, ATI, CText) obtained a bachelor’s degree in textile technology and then worked within different industries, including a world leading third-party textile testing and quality certification company. Subsequently, he did his MSc in Advanced Textile and Performance Clothing and earned his PhD from the University of Leeds. Professor Goswami is presently the Head of Department of Fashion and Textiles at University of Huddersfield. Prior to joining University of Huddersfield, Professor Goswami was the Director of Research and Innovation at the School of Design, University of Leeds and he lead the Fibre and Fabric Functionalisation Research Group.

Professor Goswami’s domains of research are product development using flexible materials and application of chemistry for functionalising textiles. Professor Goswami manages a large profile of research concerned with fibre/polymer science, nonwovens, medical textiles (implantable materials and non-implantable materials), sustainable materials (fundamentally understand the properties of new material), application and development of nano/submicron fibres for novel applications, and plasma treatment for functionalising textiles and textile chemistry.He is a member of Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC), Education, Qualifications and Accreditation Board (EQAB), and was a member of EDANA’s Board Working Group on Sustainability.

Research and Scholarship

Professor Goswami have received a substantial research funding totalling in excess of £1.4 M, funded from both internal and external funding bodies.

Research expertise/interest

  • Fibre and Polymer Science
  • Fibre and Fabric Functionalisation
  • Materials science and textile technology
  • Composite and fibre-reinforced composite

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Member of Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC), Education, Qualifications and Accreditation Board (EQAB)
Acted as external PhD examiner for various Universities.
Was a member of EDANA’s Board Working Group on Sustainability.
Academic referee in peer-reviewed journals such as ‘Textile Research Journal’, ‘Coloration Technology’, ‘Clothing and textiles Research Journal’, ‘Carbohydrate Polymers’, ‘Journal of Applied Polymer Science’, ‘Journal of textile Institute’, ‘Cellulose’ etc.

Membership of professional bodies:
Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry
Associate of the Society of Dyers and Colourists
Associate of the Textile Institute

Research Degree Supervision

Administrative Responsibilities

Head of Department
Department of Fashion and Textiles