Portrait of Professor Morven McEachern Professor Morven McEachern

m.mceachern@hud.ac.uk | 01484 473852


Position: Professor of Sustainability, Department of Management
Qualifications: PhD in Marketing, MSc in International Agric. Economics & Food Marketing, Dip. Management Studies, BTechnology in Agri-Business Management
Research Group: Entrepreneurship & Sustainability


Morven McEachern joined Huddersfield Business School as a Professor of Sustainability in 2017. She was previously employed by the University of Salford where she held a number of research-led roles such as Research Convenor, Industry collaboration/Impact champion and the Director of the Centre for Social Business. Prior to her time at the University of Salford, she previously spent over 7 years at Lancaster University Management School.

Her research interests lie within a variety of sustainable production and consumption contexts. This research has been presented at a number of international conferences and a range of academic journals such as Marketing Theory, Consumption, Markets and Culture, Sociology and the Journal of Business Ethics. She has co-edited various Journal special issues around her related research interests; contributed to edited books (e.g. The Ethical Consumer, Sage, 2005) and is co-author of Contemporary Issues in Green and Ethical Marketing (Routledge, 2014) as well as appearing on various media to talk about her research (e.g. BBC Television/BBC Radio, The Guardian). Morven’s earlier research around food production/consumption ethics led to a prominent role with Defra’s Pesticide Residues in Food (PRiF) Committee (2000-2010), and involved advising and contributing to government food safety policies as well as preparing reports for the general public on food safety matters.  

Research and Scholarship

Morven’s specific areas of expertise include sustainability (mainly food), social enterprise and ethical consumption behaviour. Within those strands, she is also interested in the role that place plays.

Having secured external research funding from the Academy of Marketing (2015-16) and a Santander Academic Travel Award (2015-16) to investigate social enterprises and their ethical capital, I also secured a Visiting Professor exchange with ISCTE Business School in Lisbon, an area especially renowned for their developed policies on social enterprise. A key project arising from these activities was looking at the practices of social supermarkets and alternative food enterprises across the UK. To date, this has led to a number of invited international conferences and seminars across the UK, Europe and the USA. She is also supervising PhD students in this area.

Led by colleagues in the University of Limerick and University of Birmingham, Morven is also working on a European-wide project around the impact of austerity measures upon consumption, family life and career plans. This has also been published and presented at International conferences.

Together with a colleague from Manchester Metropolitan University, another project involves examining the role that alternative enterprises play in the community. This project compliments supervision of another PhD student who is looking at the role of place branding within the context of social enterprise.

She invites PhD students who are interested in the areas of social business/enterprise; sustainability (especially the circular economy); ethical consumption (especially food ethics) and place.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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  • Journal editorships and editorial board memberships
    2015-17 - Special issue editor on Consumption of Space & Place, Marketing Theory
    2010-12 - Special issue editor on Contemporary Issues in Green/Ethical Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management
    2008 - Special issue editor on Consumers & Value-Based Labels, International Journal of Consumer Studies
    2008-16 - Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Consumer Studies
  • Invited Seminars
    • ‘Research Funding in Marketing’ (2017), BAM Marketing and Retail SIG Event: Research Funding for Fashion Marketing and Design Academics, University of Manchester
    • ‘Sustainable Food Retailing’ (2016), GAMBI Inaugural Marketing Sustainability Conference, University of Huddersfield.
    • ‘Doing a lot with a little’ (2016), Academy of Marketing/ Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. Funding for Marketing Academics Workshop Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham.
    • ‘Creating Social & Ethical Capital: A Focus on Alternative Food Retailers’ (2016), Keele Management School, Keele University, Keele.
    • ‘Using ‘Rhythmanalysis’ to Understand Consumption Practices’ (2014), Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick, Limerick.
    • ‘A ‘Rhythmanalysis’ of Consumption Practices within Urban Parks’ (2014), Geographies of Marketing Practice Workshop, April, Stockholm University Business School, Sweden.
  • Research Funding
    • HEIF Funds (2016), Nurturing Innovation Culture, University of Salford (£6,537)
    • Santander Universities Fund (2016), Nurturing Social Entrepreneurs, University of Salford (£3000)
    • Academy of Marketing (2015), Unlocking the social value of UK food retailing (£3000)
    • Santander Academic Travel Award 2015 (£1000)
    • KTP Scheme (2014-2017) Six Degrees, (£110,000)
    • National Centre for Research Methods (2010-11), Visual methods in teaching (£2000)
    • The Volkswagen Foundation, Compagnia di San Paolo and Rijksbankens Jubileumsfond (2010), Agri-food Crises in the 21st Century: The Sustainability Challenge (€50,000)
  • Four PhD completions (University of Salford, Lancaster University)
  • Six external PhD examinations (University of Glasgow, Manchester, Bradford, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Salford)
  • Four internal PhD examinations
  • Visiting Professor, ISCTE Business School, Lisbon (2016)
  • External Validation Committee Membership
    • 2015 - External validation member for BA (Hons) Marketing, University of South Wales
    • 2013-15 - External examiner, MSc International Food Marketing, University of Newscastle-upon-Tyne
    • 2011-12 - External advisor on Business & Management Degree programmes (UG), University of Bolton
    • 2007-10 - External examiner, BA (Hons) Marketing, University of Wolverhampton
  • 2000-2010 Defra membership of Pesticide Residues in Food (PrIF) Committee

Research Degree Supervision

Current PhD Supervision

  • Calamorco, W. (2017 – present) – CSR and Urban poverty alleviation in developing nations
  • Ogunoye, F. (2015 – present) – Social enterprise models for community development
  • Durrani, B. (2015 – present) – Muslim consumers and sustainability
  • Fagbola, L. (2015 – present) Consumers and global identity
  • Hayder, S.A. (2014 – present) – Social media marketing and British Muslim entrepreneurs
  • Khan, A.  (2014 – present) – Sustainability and the textile sector of Pakistan

Enterprise Activities

  • 2017          Lead organiser of a social entrepreneurship event between University of Salford and the University of Bradford and The Open University
  • 2017           KTP project with Six Degrees, a social enterprise (2015- present)
  • 2017          Leadership and organisation of Innovation workshops for social enterprises for up to 30 SMEs
  • 2016          Lead organiser in the University of Salford’s hosting of the Social Enterprise Mark Ltd’s Annual Conference
  • 2015          Co-ordination and organisation of an expert Panel on social responsibility to participate in the ‘Creative Entrepreneur 2015’ event
  • 2015          Lead workshop on ‘Adding Value’ for social enterprises, Social Audit Network Annual General Meeting, Manchester
  • 2014          Lead workshop on ‘Making Your Business More Social and Sustainable’,  Emirates Foundation Youth Philanthropy Summit, Abu Dhabi

Teaching and Professional Activities

BHS0032 Business Responsibility and Sustainability

BA Business Studies Dissertations