Portrait of Professor Edward Kasabov Professor Edward Kasabov

e.kasabov@hud.ac.uk | 01484 473119


Position: Professor of Marketing and Subject Group Lead (Marketing) - Department of Logistics, Operations, Hospitality and Marketing
Qualifications: PhD, MSc, MA, BSc, HEA PG Cert, Fin&Acc Dip, FHEA

Prior to joining Huddersfield Business School, Edi was an Associate Professor and AIM (Advanced Institute of Management Research) Fellow, having previously worked at Cardiff University, University of Bath, University of Exeter, and Trinity College Dublin, among others.

Research and Scholarship

Edward (Edi) has practitioner experience spanning across Relationship Marketing, Data Management and Analysis, and Mass Communications.  His profile as a researcher largely falls within two areas.  In the area of Marketing, he has been researching relationships and service provision from a number of unique perspectives, especially in terms of the role of control, disciplining and compliance in interactions between service providers and their customers.  In the past few years, Edi has been developing a new theory of compliance businesses and their strategic advantage with particular reference to online marketing.  Currently Edi is researching the place, nature and role of confusion while also theorising entrepreneurial marketing practices. 

In the area of Strategy, his earlier work encompassed research of clusters, regions and regional development.  Interest in modeling, mapping high-technology IT and biotechnology / life science clusters, identifying factors behind cluster success has now been supplemented with the search to understand birth and longitudinal waves of cluster and regional development, and the lack of growth and competitiveness of high-tech and other clusters.  Of interest to Edi are the related, practically significant matters of cluster and region periphery, cluster birth, and difficulties faced by early stage clusters. Edi is also currently focusing on understanding aspects of entrepreneurship across rural, peripheral areas.


Edi has successfully secured external funding on a number of occasions and from diverse funding bodies, including ESRC/EPSRC and the Czech Science Foundation.  His professional reputation encompasses management and research roles, including director of research, subject group lead, disciplinary reviewer, in addition to a long-term involvement in wide networks with academics across Europe and Asia, as well as regular invitations by academic and practitioner associations, publishing houses, scientific committees, and professional bodies. Edi was a Fellow of the Advanced Institute of Management Research (AIM, London) since its founding and for the duration of its existence – an institute which was founded by UK’s premier research councils and which was one of the foremost social science initiatives in the UK.  Edi has acted as track and session chair, conference and workshop organiser, including at EMAC, AMTP, RSA, and WEC.