Portrait of Dr Peter Clemenson Dr Peter Clemenson

p.i.clemenson@hud.ac.uk | 01484 472515


First degree: Graduate R.I.C. Chemistry, North East Wales Institute, Kelsterton College (1978).
MSc: Analytical Chemistry (Application of Substituted Benzothiazolines and Benzothiazoles to the Determination of Trace Amounts of Palladium). Supervised By Professor L.S. Bark, University of Salford (1983).
PhD: Studies on Metal Dithioline Complexes, preparation and solid state properties of the bis(1,2-dicyanoethylene-1,2-dithiolato)nickelate(-1), palladate(-1) and platinate(-1) salts with small counter cations. Supervised by Professor A.E. Underhill, University of Wales, Bangor (1987).
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Polymer Chemistry (1986 - 1989): Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Polymer Science and Technology, University of Durham and BP International plc, Sunbury-on-Thames with Professor W.J. Feast OBE FRS (RSC President) on the synthesis of conducting polymers.
Senior Demonstrator: Organic and Inorganic Chemistry teaching and research post with Professor C.Stirling FRS (1989-1990).

Industrial Experience: Metallurgical Chemist with British Steel Corporation, Shotton working in R&D department (1972 - 1980). Analytical and Product Development Chemist: Chapman Metallurgical UK Ltd, Hydrometallurgical extraction of cobalt and nickel from nimonic alloy waste (1981 - 1982).
Industrial Chemist: Optical Fibres, manufacture of optical waveguides for telecommunications.

Appointed as a Lecturer at then Huddersfield Polytechnic in March 1990 now a Senior lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry.
Teaching inorganic chemistry and material science mainly at undergraduate level.

Other Duties: Admissions Tutor for full and part-time MSc courses in Analytical Sciences: Analytical Chemistry, Forensic and Analytical Science and Analytical Bioscience.
Admissions Tutor for part-time BSc courses in Chemistry, Chemistry with Chemical Engineering and Chemistry with Analytical Chemistry.

Interests: I am a keen member of Huddersfield Philatelic Society collecting Germany, German States and Colonies, German Private Postal System and postal history mainly flown mail from the Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg airships. I also enjoy walking in the countryside and drinking fine wines and real ales in good company.