Portrait of  Stewart Worthy Stewart Worthy

s.a.worthy@hud.ac.uk | 01484 473030


Stewart is currently Subject Leader for Music and Music Technology. He began work at the university in 1999 as technician and part-time hourly paid lecturer shortly after graduating with a first class honours degree in Music. His real interest in music began as a percussionist but later spread to other areas including composition, music technology, live production and HE practice.

Research and Scholarship

Sound and Installation Art

Supervision of project as above or general interest in any practical-based projects especially jazz production.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Worthy, S (2016) Speaker Grid I [Artefact]


Technical advisor to Jellymould Jazz productions (2008 – onwards). Including recording the 2009 Jenni Molloy album ‘Bach reloaded’, highly acclaimed by BBC Radio 3 and voted in the top 5 jazz albums of the year by The Sunday Times

Administrative Responsibilities

Subject Leader, Peer Assisted Learning coordinator for Music and Music Technology, Chair of University Extenuating Circumstances Panel

Teaching and Professional Activities

Final year individual projects

Introductory Module for BMus students in Music Technology

Computer composition

Popular Music ensemble coordination

Live Sound