Portrait of Dr J Cliff Rankin Dr J Cliff Rankin

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Cliff joined the department in 2002 after taking early retirement as Professor of Ecophysiology at the University of Southern Denmark at Odense. He had previously been senior lecturer in animal biology at Bangor University. Cliff is an animal physiologist who has carried out research on osmoregulation (especially kidney function) and blood circulation, paying particular attention to hormonal control mechanisms. He contributes to teaching in physiology and statistics. He has carried out research on fish physiology in many parts of the World, including Antarctica, Canada, Japan and a number of European countries.

He has served on the council and several committees of the Society for Experimental Biology, committees of the Natural Environment Research Council and on the editorial boards of the journals Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology and Reviews in Fisheries and Fish Biology. He is currently editing a book on “Spawning Migration of the European Eel”.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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