Portrait of  Rita Carmouche Rita Carmouche

r.carmouche@hud.ac.uk | 01484 472374


Department: Department of Logistics, Operations, Hospitality and Marketing

My special interest is in the area of consumer behaviour within the Hospitality, Tourism and Events Industry generally and the issues involved in delivering and providing for consumers in the experience economy in particular.

I am involved in teaching on the Events Management degree and I deliver a first year module which provides students with the key skills and competencies required to manage a successful event.

The future growth and development of Leisure and the factors which will influence the supply and demand for leisure products and services is an additional area of interest and this topic is included in my module in Leisure Strategies and Issues.

Research and Scholarship

I have been involved in a number of research projects over the years and I have undertaken research for Hospitality companies. Some examples of the research topics that I have been invoved in include:

Researching customer satisfaction: approaches to Management and Leadership within. Hospitality: gender differences and hotel usage patterns: the growth of budget hotel concepts.

I am particulary interested in reseraching sociological interpretations of hospitality and I have published work in this field. My research interests also include investigations of the experience economy.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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