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j.tobbell@hud.ac.uk | 01484 472588


University Teaching Fellow
Department of Behavioural and Social Sciences
Date of appointment: 01 July 2006

Past employment

  • Open University 2002 – present
    Supervisor – Doctorate in Education
    Associate Lecturer - 1997 – 2004
  • University of Bradford
    Senior Lecturer, 01.05.2005 – 30.06.2006
  • Leeds Metropolitan University
    Senior Lecturer, 01.05.2003 – 30.04.2005
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
    Senior Lecturer, 01.09.1996 - 31.03.2003
  • Bradford Learning Disabilities Trust
    Assistant Psychologist, 01.07.1994 – 30.06.1994
  • The Open University
    PhD – Transition from primary to secondary school: communities, practice and participation
  • University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST)
    MSc – Organisational Psychology
  • The Open University
    BSc (Hons) Psychology, First Class Honours

Professional body memberships

  • HEA – Senior Fellow
  • British Educational Research Association

Research and Scholarship

University research group memberships

Research interests

My research interests centre on learning in educational institutions and organisations. I work with socio-cultural theory and take a qualitative approach to research.

Research grants

  • Principal Investigator
    Higher Education Academy - £50,390, 2012 – 2014
    Social Justice Law Provision in undergraduate and postgraduate study: the implementation and evaluation of clinical legal education in a British Law School
  • Principle Investigator
    Higher Education Academy - £28,882, 2006 – 2007
    Exploring practice and participation in transition to post-graduate social science study – an ethnographic study

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Tobbell, J (2003) ‘Students experiences of transition from primary to secondary schoolEducational and Child Psychology , 20 (4), pp. 4-14. ISSN 0267 1611


Journal editorial boards

  • Journal of Education and Learning (2012 – present)

Journal reviewer

  • International Journal of Educational Research (2012 – present)
  • Psychology Learning and Teaching (2012 – present)
  • British Educational Research Journal (2009 – present)
  • Community, Work and Family (2001 – present)

Invited speaker

  • Ethnography Workshop: Introducing Pedagogic Research Methods and Raising Pedagogic Capacity, CETL Pedagogic Research Capacity, Higher Education Academy, December 2006

External examining

  • 2014 – present University of Winchester – BSc Psychology
  • 2008 – 2012 – University of West of Scotland – BSc/BA Psychology
  • 2005 – 2008 – University of Greenwich – BSc Psychology

Doctoral examining

  • 2015 – Leeds Becket University, Darren Hill, From policy to practice: How do community drug workers interpret and work with the contemporary UK Drug Strategy?
  • 2013 – University of Glasgow, Douglas Sutherland, The Transition of Adults into Higher Education

Research Degree Supervision


  • Eleano Kitto - An Investigation in to classroom practices and educational trajectories within a year one classroom from a socio-cultural perspective (EdD - awarded 2015)
  • Beverley Hirst - Relationships and learning in Higher Education (Completed 2015) [Director of Studies]
  • Graham Williams - Organisational Learning in English Local Authorities: the effects of the modernisation agenda (Completed 2015) [Director of Studies]
  • Lynda Turner - An ethnographic study of transition in to Higher Education for undergraduate psychology students (EdD - awarded 2013)
  • Keith Schofield - People Learning in Organisations: a socio-cultural approach (Awarded 2013) [Director of Studies]
  • Gloria Seruwagi - Examining the agency and construction of ‘Orphans and Vulnerable Children’ in rural Uganda (Awarded 2013)[ Director of Studies]
  • Dennis Hyams-Ssekasi - (EdD – awarded 2012) The Transition of Sub-Saharan African Students to Higher Education study in the UK [Director of Studies]
  • Ena Trottman Jemott - (PhD – awarded 2012) A Grounded Theory to Understanding Police Officers and Child Care Officers Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Barbados
  • Thanos Saviddis - Leadership and multicultural education: an ecological systems exploration of a leader in a multicultural Cypriot primary school (EdD – awarded 2012) [Director of Studies]
  • Sally Thomas - An Investigation into how KS3 girls’ peer group activities during break times influence teachers and student behaviour and learning in lessons. (EdD – awarded 2012) [Director of Studies]
  • Helen Stivaros - An ecological perspective of children’s school experiences and educational outcome (PhD - awarded 2008) [Director of Studies]
  • Ian Barron - Exploring the emergence of ethnicity in nursery school children (EdD – awarded 2008) [Director of Studies]

Current supervision

  • Kirsty Snape – Learning and placements in Computing and Engineering undergraduate studies [Director of Studies]
  • Tianna Myers – Transition to postgraduate study in applied sciences [Director of Studies]
  • Sarah Passmore - Participation and learning in Further Education [Director of Studies]
  • Andrew Bland - Learning and simulation in an HE nursing context
  • Andrew Hooton - An exploration of transition to professional sports psychologist
  • Rebecca Murray - Identity, participation and chronic fatigue syndrome [Director of Studies]

Postgraduate research opportunities with Dr Jane Tobbell


MSc by Research

Enterprise Activities

Consultancy projects

  • Morris Hargreaves McIntyre – advisor on ‘Their Past, Your Future’ with Imperial War Museum (2008)
  • NHS – design and implementation of training evaluation document (2005)
  • Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service – design and implementation of assessment centre programme for selection and promotion (1999 – 2002)
  • University of Central Lancashire - Student engagement and satisfaction review (2004)
  • University of Manchester Post Graduate Dental School - Managing Diversity Writing and delivery of course, Continuing Professional Development (2002 – 2006)
  • Cardiff County Council - Selection and Assessment, Design of selection system for housing department, Managing and running assessment centres (1999)
  • GE Lighting - Pan-European Job Satisfaction Survey Design, Implementation, Analysis, Presentation of Results (1997)

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Stategic Lead for Implementation of Peer Mentoring for all students in the University
  • Ethics representative on the University Teaching and Learning Committee
  • School representative for the Teaching and Learning Festival
  • Lead for Teaching and Learning Seminars in the School
  • Member of School Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Member of the School Ethics committee

Teaching and Professional Activities

Module leader for:

  • HHB1052 – Psychology of Education
  • HMB1027 – Psychology of Education

I contribute to:

  • HIB2003 – Developmental and Social Psychology

Teaching and Learning Working Groups

  • From Monologue to Dialogue: change programme surrounding delivery of feedback in the Department of Behavioural and Social Sciences (2012 – present)
  • Chair, Inclusivity in Human and Health Sciences:  working group to enable engagement for all in Human and Health Sciences