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I trained as a registered general nurse at Hammersmith Hospital, London. Following registration I worked in the speciality of caring for the older person, in acute, rehabilitation and continuing care. I then commenced training as a district nurse and worked in the West London area, specialising in leg ulcer and continence management. I then moved into the education sector at the University of Nottingham, focusing on older person studies, leg ulcer management and tissue viability. Finally, taking a position here at the University of Huddersfield, initially as route leader for the District Nursing course, now course leader for the MSc Community Nursing Practice (District Nursing) course.

Research and Scholarship

Areas of expertise: District Nursing practice, education and older person studies.


  • Huddersfield University ‘Attention Restorative Activities used in the Management of Fatigue’
  • Department of Trade and Industry Project in conjunction with Calderdale PCT and Age Concern on falls - specific focus on hip protectors in the nursing home sector (2004-2005)
  • The perceptions of District Nursing students with the activity of promoting health of the older person. MSc Dissertation (2006)
  • Queens Nursing Institute and Association of District Nurse Educators project ‘Vision & Values’ (2006)
  • Association of District Nurse Educators project: Vision for the future of District Nursing Education (2006-2007)

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Journal editor - ‘Nursing & Residential Care’

Research Degree Supervision

  • District Nursing
  • Older Person Studies
  • Continence Management
  • Wound Care and Leg Ulcers

Teaching and Professional Activities

Course Leader

  • MSc Community Nursing Practice (District Nursing)

Module Leader

  • HMH1037 Operational Frameworks for Community Based Practitioners
  • HMH2009 Promoting Health and Wellbeing in Community Nursing Practice
  • HMH2018 Policy and Advanced Professional Practice
  • HMH1003 Self Development I
  • HMH2016 Self Development II

Subject expertise

  • District Nursing practice
  • Leadership and management in primary care
  • Health promotion
  • Older person studies
  • Diabetes
  • Continence awareness
  • Leg ulcer management
  • Tissue viability
  • Falls management