Portrait of Dr Cath O'Halloran Dr Cath O'Halloran

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Cath joined the University of Huddersfield in 2005 and is currently Acting Dean of the School of Human & Health Sciences. She is a podiatrist by professional background and in addition to professional and teaching qualifications she holds an MSc from the University of Southampton and a PhD from the University of Newcastle. She brings a wealth of experience in health professions’ education to her roles at Huddersfield. Prior to taking up post at Huddersfield she was Senior Lecturer at the University of Southampton, where she led the curriculum development work for a large Department of Health funded inter-professional learning initiative involving two universities and 18 health service provider organisations; between 1993 and 2001 Cath was Lecturer in Medical Education at the University of Newcastle acting as Education Advisor to the Postgraduate Deans for Medicine and Dentistry; and before that she held several posts in podiatry education at New College Durham. Her career profile reflects her interest in healthcare workforce development and inter-professional education. In 2012 Cath was elected to the Executive of the Council of Deans of Health and in 2015 she was re-elected and now serves as Treasurer to the Council.

Research and Scholarship

University research group memberships

Member of the Institute for Research in Citizenship and Applied Human Sciences, the Centre for Applied Psychological Research and an associate member of the Centre for Health and Social Care Research.

Research interests

Current research interests include inter-professional education and learning and teaching in health professionals’ education.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Research Degree Supervision

  • Inter-professional learning in health and social care
  • Pedagogy and curriculum development in health care education
  • Learning in clinical environments