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I am currently a senior lecturer in midwifery in the Division of Maternal and Child Health. However, I first joined the University of Huddersfield in April 1997 and have undertaken lecturing and leadership roles both within midwifery and wider health care education during this time. Prior to my first appointment I had 16 years of experience in midwifery practice and education in London and Bradford. I qualified as a registered nurse in 1979 at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London and as a registered midwife in Salisbury in 1981, before gaining the Advanced Diploma in Midwifery in 1984 and my teaching qualification in 1985. I achieved a BA (Open) in Social Sciences in 1991, then an MEd in 1993 and PhD in 2009, both here at Huddersfield.

Research and Scholarship

I am a part of a team undertaking action research in relation to the introduction of midwife led care and birth centre in a local Trust and am currently working on a commissioned book: The Policy Context of Midwifery and Maternity Services.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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  • 2006-2012; NMC reviewer (Mott Macdonald formerly HLSP)
  • 2004-2006; NMC Visitor
  • 2003-2006; Subject Reviewer, Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
  • 2003-(ongoing); Reviewer for Nurse Researcher
  • 2001-2013; Member of Lead Midwife for Education UK Strategic Reference Group of NMC
  • 2000-2004; ENB Specialist Registry
  • 2000-(ongoing); Fellow of Higher Education Academy
  • 1996-(ongoing); Reviewer - Nurse Education Today
  • 1993-2014; Member Royal College of Midwives UK Education Advisory Group (2001- 2014 Vice Chair)

Research Degree Supervision

I am particularly interested in the concept of women-centred care; maternity care policy, the use of language in midwifery practice and qualitative approaches to research including feminist theories, grounded theory and narratives. Currently supervising 3 doctoral students in the following areas:

  • Young mothers’ experiences of relationship abuse
  • Changing roles of physiotherapists and extended practice
  • Mixed methods approach to the management of the third stage of labour

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Year 2 Leader for BSc(Hons) Midwifery Studies
  • Link Lecturer for Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust - Midwifery

Teaching and Professional Activities

  • Module leader: Developing skills and competence in Midwifery Practice
  • Associate to HIG1000 Research 2 (Interdisciplinary research module)
  • Associate to Supporting Learning in Practice modules at Honours and Master’s levels
  • Associate to HFM1007 Psychosocial and policy aspects of midwifery practice
  • Managing change/management and leadership across courses
  • Facilitation of reflective learning groups
  • Supervision of students undertaking BSc and Master’s dissertations