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Pete joined the department in 2005, having previously studied at the London School of Economics and the University of Southampton, where he was awarded his Ph.D. on the political thought of the Levellers. He is currently studying for an MBA in higher education management at the University of London, and is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  When not at work, he enjoys most sports (but especially rugby, cricket and football), literature, fashion and watching the TV.  He regularly goes to the gym, although you could not tell this by looking at him.

Teaching & Academic Responsibilities:

Pete is the Course Leader of all politics undergraduate courses, and represents the University teaching staff on both the University Senate and the Council.

Pete is module leader of undergraduate courses on the History of Political Thought, Political Philosophy, Government and Politics of the EU and Human Rights. He also teaches on the Elected Members course.

Research and Scholarship

University research group memberships

Pete is currently a member of the Institute for Research in Citizenship and Applied Human Sciences and the Centre for Research in the Social Sciences.

Research interests

Pete researches on political philosophy in general and English seventeenth century political thought in particular. Pete is also currently researching into the political philosophy of the Simpsons, and is interested in republican political thought. He is also active in pedagogical issues in teaching, and has been developing a number of video podcast lectures for his history of political thought module.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Research Degree Supervision

  • Seventeenth Century political thought; in particular radical ideas (such as the Levellers and Diggers) and the canonical texts of the century (Hobbes's Leviathan and the works of John Locke).
  • Trends in the history of political thought; in particular concepts such as liberty, democracy, the state and morality.
  • Current ethical and political issues; such as medical ethics, punishment and notions of personal liberty vs state intervention.
  • Educational issues in HE; in particular the use of informal educative means in the study of politics, and teaching technologies.

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MSc by Research