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I was born in Manchester and educated at Harrytown Grammar School, Cheshire.
I became a Graphic Designer and traditional finished artist/visualiser in a commercial field promoting industrial products.

I later returned to education and graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Behavioural Sciences at Huddersfield University, specialising in psychology, sociology and philosophy.

In order to pursue an interest in Memory and Identity I spent some time working with Alzheimer sufferers as an Activity Organiser, to improve motor activity, social interaction and quality of life.
I went on to improve my design expertise and trained as a Digital Computer Operator to continue in the Creative Industries field as packaging designer for major retail brands.

I was invited back to Huddersfield University to teach basic design skills to a computerised generation and my involvement grew as I contributed to a number of academic activities and introduced Design and Emotion to the School of Art, Design and Architecture.

I have been with the University now for 8 years as Senior Lecturer, Placement Tutor, Business Development Consultant and Project Manager. My time has been spent developing my specialism and encouraging a cross-disciplinary approach with industry involvement to increase the support for students on preparing for the workplace, as well as improve the creative and research profile of the School. From this many beneficial links have grown with design industry partners and others, including the newly formed EMPLOYER LIAISON Group linking academics with respected industry specialists to begin the dialogue for effective creative engagement.

I am an active member of the:

  • School Placement Committee
  • Continuous Professional Development Forum
  • Research and Knowledge Transfer Group
  • Business and Enterprise Forum

Research and Scholarship

I teach DESIGN and EMOTION to students from all disciplines across the School - Introducing concepts such as Perception and Creativity; investigating the psychosocial aspects of Advertising, Branding and Persuasion, amongst others. My specialism takes a user-centred, multidisciplinary design approach, with an industry facing focus on workplace preparation, which aims to encourage a more critical exploration of design and culture, challenging existing preconceptions in order to provide effective design solutions.

The ADA NETWORK provides an environment which enhances interdisciplinary collaboration; an opportunity to engage with the creative industries through the ADA LECTURE SERIES; this industry focussed approach improves partnerships and creative practice, enriching the dialogue and addressing the needs of all participants. Many exciting engagements have grown from this connectedness within the disciplines and the creative industries, enhancing student employability, reflexive practice and research prospects for the School.

Effective and meaningful communication is integral to the modules I teach, the placement support given, and the NETWORK project events. Implementing interdisciplinary collaboration is a continuing drive, supported by my MRes research in the field of ‘emotional design’ in order to expand on my expertise and lead the current trend now gaining interest from all disciplines within the design industry and education.

For the DESIGN to BUSINESS SYMPOSIUM in Shanghai 2006 – I proposed a working model for an interactive structure between a variety of academic institutions and design organisations, participating within a creative environment; all parties recognising their emotional investment and social responsibility as integral to effective communication and true reflexive practice. The ADA NETWORK project has effectively acted as a case study, reflecting this multidisciplinary model of practice, and its continued investigation and evaluation will inform my research in order to establish and embed within the curriculum a cross-disciplinary language, effective social and creative interactions leading to further innovative outcomes.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Lannon, T (2006) ‘The emotional management of design : The Art of Making Connections Through Meaningful Communication’. In: Design to Business International Symposium, 2006, Shanghai