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Prof. Rupert Till is Professor of Music in the Department of Music and Drama, having worked at the University of Huddersfield since 2002. He is also Associate Dean International in the School of Music, Humanities and Media, responsible for overseeing international development and recruitment.

He has research interests in popular music and sound archaeology. His first book Pop Cult explored religion and popular music, and he has also published material exploring trance, stardom, songwriting and music production. He is a member of the executive committee of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music UK and Ireland Branch. His interest in ritual within music cultures has led to multimedia projects exploring the acoustics of archaeological sites such as Stonehenge and prehistoric painted caves. He also directed Huddersfield activities within the European Music Archaeology Project, a 5 year European Union Culture Programme funded project, which included producing 5 CDs, one of which achieved top 20 chart status.

He studied composition with minimalist Gavin Bryars, Scratch Orchestra founder member Christopher Hobbs, sound artist Katharine Norman, and with George Nicholson. He has written film and TV music, music for dance, ambient techno and electronica compositions, and continues to be an active composer and performer, playing piano, keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion and singing, for example appearing at the Boom Festival in Portugal in 2016.

He has appeared on TV and Radio, including BBC Breakfast, BBC News, the Sky at Night, Mystery Quest, ARTE, the Travel Channel, BBC Radio 2, 4, 5, 6 and World Service, LBC, various international radio stations, and speaks regularly on BBC Radio Leeds and Sheffield on popular music subjects. His research has been featured widely in national and international press and on numerous websites.

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Research and Scholarship

Electronic Dance Music and its culture

Popular Music Composition

Popular Music Performance

Popular Music and Religion

Stardom and Celebrity Culture

Arhcaeoacoustics, Music Archaeology and Sound Archaeology

Postmodern Composition and Performance

Art of Record Production

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music Editorial Board member

Dancecult Journal International Advisory Board Member and Peer Reviewer

Journal of Contemporary Religion Peer Reviewer

Art of Record Production Conference Peer Reviewer

Applied Acoustics Journal Peer Reviewer

Popular Music Journal Peer Reviewer

International Computer Music Conference Reviewer

Arts & Humanities Research Council Peer Review College Member

Arts & Humanities Research Council Grant Panel Member

Arts & Humanities Research Council Fellowship Panel Member

Arts & Humanities Research Council Collaborative Doctorate Panel Member


Editor IASPM Journal Special Edition, November 2012


‘Sound Archaeology: The categorisation of archaeological sites according to their sonic characteristics’, Invited Keynote Presentation, Space Matters Conference, University of Manchester (May 2011).


‘Pop Cult: religion and popular music’, invited research presentation, Fakultat fur Sprach und Luteraturwissenschaftern, Ludwig Maximilians Universitat, Munchen, Germany (February 2011).


‘The Sounds of Stonehenge’, Invited Presentation, British Library, London, (December 2010).


‘Sounds of the Stones: The acoustics of Stonehenge’, Invited Presentation, Huddersfield Archaeological Society, Huddersfield Town Hall (February 2011).


‘Ancient Acoustics and Stonehenge’, Invited Presentation, The Hunter Archaeological Society, Sheffield University, (October 2009).


‘Pop Cults: studying popular music subcultures and scenes as forms of new religious movement, a brief overview and a discussion of the possession trance cult of electronic dance music culture’, Invited Presentation, Insititute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts, St. Mary’s College, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, (April 2009).


‘The Acoustic Properties of Stonehenge and Other Neolithic Sites’, Invited Presentation, Council for British Archaeology, Winter General Meeting: Archaeology and Music, National Centre for Early Music, York, (Feb 2009).


‘Composing Electronic Dance Music: Manipulations, Inducing Possession and Modes of Repetition’, Invited Keynote Speaker, Royal Musical Association Study Day on Electronic Dance Music, Keele University, (May 2008).


‘Pop stars and priests, postmodernity and religion.’ Invited Seminar Presentation, Theology and Popular Culture Research Group, Kings College London, (2000).


Primary Investigator for Arts and Humanities Research Council/Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council joint funded Science and Heritage Programme Research Cluster, Acoustics and Music of British Prehistory Research Network. Host of network website, organised research conferences at Sheffield, Durham and Cambridge Universities in 2009, £30,000, (Jan 2009 – 2010).


Bath Spa Univerity                  External Examiner for PhD submission                     2012

Griffith University                    External Examiner Doctor of Musical arts                 2011

Thames Valley University       External Examiner MA validation                               2010

Surrey University                    External Examiner for PhD submission                     2009

Surrey & Salford Univs.          External Examiner for PhD submission                     2009

Sheffield University                External Examiner for MA by Research                    2008


Hearing the Past, BBC Radio 4 documentary, featuring research into the acoustics of Stonehenge, 2011.


Songs of Stonehenge, Mystery Quest, The History Channel, Dir. Haewon Yom, History Channel USA, documentary on my research. Broadcast in USA Dec 09/Jan 10 (c.1 million+ est. audience); in UK February 2010 (380,000+ est. audience).


Press coverage of similar research including Daily Mail, Telegraph, Independent, Mixmag, Sun, News of the World, Daily Mirror, Kerrang Radio, MSNBC, ABC, National Discovery, National Geographic, over 50,000 websites across the world as well as various press articles.


Stone Age Sounds, New Scientist, (21.08.10), 44-7.


Holiday Hit Formula: analysis of the methodology for producing a UK summer chart recording release. Article for High Life, British Airways magazine, also in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Wire, New Musical Express and websites in the UK, Portugal, Denmark, Russia, Croatia, Greece, Germany, Austria, Spain, (September 2005).



Research Degree Supervision

I have supervised a number of postgraduate research students including subects such as:

Elton John, celebrity, gender and computer music analysis

Literary influences on British psychedelic music and songwriting

Popular music composition

Popular music performance

Experimental popular music and Frank Zappa

The art of record production, including study of the 1176 compressor, and exploration of extreme metal production techniques

Ambient electronica composition

Minimal techno, Plastikman and software controllers for live performance of electronic dance music


Other areas for supervision would include:


Music Archaeology, archaeoacoustics, sound or multimedia archaeology

Star studies and celebrity culture

Music and religion


Enterprise Activities

Stonehenge Augmented Reality IPhone app, Ribui Multimedia, 2011. Ongoing collaboration based on creation of iphone heritage apps.