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Dr Ian Gibson’s research interests are: composing using electronic media, developing sonic art installations, developing software for singing analysis and synthesis, performance interfaces, virtual learning environments and developing web-based applications for collaborative music composition. He is one of the founders and executive committee members of the National Sonic Art Forum.

Dr Gibson joined Huddersfield University as Senior Lecturer in Music Technology in 2008. Before joining Huddersfield he was a Senior Lecturer and Leader of the Creative Technology Research Group at Bournemouth University. Dr Gibson has a first degree in Computer Studies and was awarded an MSc and PhD in Music Technology at the University of York. His thesis explored the use of voice as a real-time controller for sound synthesis and high level music events. After qualifying in Music Technology, Ian undertook a research post at York University examining real-time singing synthesis using parallel processing architectures. Following this, Ian was employed as a researcher at the Faculty of Music, University of Oxford where he managed the studio, undertook research into Music Technology and tutored in electro-acoustic music.

Dr Gibson has featured in the media, including broadcasts for BBC Four, Radio 1, and Channel 6 Oxford. His compositions are played on both terrestrial and internet radio stations.

For details of Dr Gibson’s latest research activities and appearances please visit www.iangibson.me.uk

For details of the National Sonic Art Forum, please visit www.sonicartgroup.org

Research and Scholarship

Dr Gibson’s research interests are electroacoustic and electronic music composition, developing sonic art installations for exhibition and performance, exploring web-based and stand-alone software tools for collaborative music composition, performance interfaces, developing software for analysis and synthesis of the singing voice, and virtual learning environments.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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  • Visiting Professor, University of British Columbia
  • External Examiner, Tonmeister courses, University of Surrey
  • Executive Committee Member, Sonic Arts Forum
  • Notable recent milestone event collaboration with the University of British Columbia and University of Huddersfield resulting in 2 performances at Electric Spring and Bates Mill (February 2016)

Research Degree Supervision

General project areas

  • Tools for electronic and electroacoustic music composition
  • Sonic art installations for exhibition and performance
  • Web-based and stand-alone software tools for collaborative music composition
  • Performance interfaces
  • Software development for sound analysis, synthesis and performance
  • Virtual learning environments

Current opportunities

Postgraduate research opportunities with Dr Ian Gibson



Enterprise Activities

  • Consultancy through the Adaptive Music Technology Research Group

Teaching and Professional Activities

Teaching/research interests

  • Music-making with mobile devices
  • Web-based music and sound synthesis applications
  • Installations and creative works
  • Motion tracking for music performance