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Qualifications: BA (Hons), MA, PGCE, RSA Dip, PhD, FHEA, FRSA

Professor Ann Harris has been with the School of Education and Professional Development (SEPD) since 1994 and Associate Dean International. Prior to coming to Huddersfield, Ann was for six years Head of English and Media at John Leggott Sixth Form College in North Lincolnshire, and before that she worked in a range of educational institutions and environments, both in the UK and internationally, including secondary schools, further education colleges and informal education. Between 1984 and 1987, she was Senior Research Officer at the Secondary Examinations Council in London, researching and advising on a variety of national policy initiatives in relation to curriculum and assessment and evaluating an innovative programme of in-service teacher training across England and Wales.

For her first degree, Ann studied English language and literature at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. She subsequently gained a PGCE, also at Newcastle, and then a master's degree in which she focused on feminist literary theory and criticism. She has a RSA Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and has taught both TEFL and TESOL.  Her doctoral research, undertaken at the University of Nottingham, evaluated the impact of educational change and grew out of her work with the Secondary Examinations Council. The study was multi-layered and included case studies and life histories as well as aspects of phenomenological, autobiographical and action research.

Ann is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She is a member of the Universities Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) Continuing Professional Development Committee and of the National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE) Post 16 and Higher Education Committee and of NATE Council. Ann is also on the Editorial Management Boards of the Journal of Vocational Education and Training and of the Journal of English in Education, and is on the Sholokhov Moscow State University Humanities Bulletin Editorial Board.

Research and Scholarship

Ann's research and scholarship has been interdisciplinary. It has included work on academic and digital literacies, writing, and assessment and curricular development, especially in the area of English and communications. It has also involved research on professionalism in relation to vocational education, image and identity, culture, especially popular culture, and has engaged feminist, narrative and critical theories. Most recently she has been working on academic writing and transition and on international education, including leading a funded PMI2 China UK Collaborative Partnership project on employability and entrepreneurship.

Current research interests include:

  • Academic writing and transition
  • Curriculum development and assessment, especially in the area of English, TESOL and literacy
  • Communications and new literacies
  • International education
  • Education and popular culture
  • Professional and cultural images of teachers
  • Narrative and feminist approaches to research
  • Management of change
  • Experiences of teaching and learning environments

Research Grants/Initiatives

  • 2013 Associate Research Officer for the National Association
  • 2011-12 Project leader: PMI2 China UK Collaborative Partnership in Employability and Entrepreneurship
  • 2004 Research: A/AS English, National Association for the Teaching of English
  • 2002 Research: Vocational Teachers: Image and Identity, JVET Research Bursary
  • 2000 Research: Cultural Images of Teachers, University of Huddersfield
  • 1986-87 Project co-ordinator: Evaluation GCSE INSET, Secondary Examinations Council
  • 1984-85 Project leader: School-based Assessment, Secondary Examinations Council

Conference presentations

2016 NATE Middlesex University: Transition between A-level and higher education

2016 UKLA, Bristol: University Students’ academic skills and transition.

2015 IFTE, Fordham University, NY:  Writing into a void: university students’ approach to academic writing

2014 IVETA, St Petersburg, Panel presenter, Increasing the attractiveness of Vocational Education and training.

2013 JVET, Oxford University: The Employability Challenge 就能力挑: Skills for Life 身技能’: Developing employability in an era of globalisation.

2011 JVET, Oxford University: Learning to stay solvent: an exploration of the impact of human and economic capital on engagement in professional management education.

2010 AVETRA University of Melbourne, Australia: Communication is Key.

2009 NCVER University of Ballarat, Australia: Stories of Vocational Educators.

2008 Association for Research in Popular Fictions, Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds: Bully for Popular Culture.

2005 JVET, Oxford University: Popular Culture and PCET.

2004 AERC University of Victoria, Canada: Intellectual Colonialism or Liberatory Education?

2003 AERC State University of San Francisco, USA: The Good Teacher.

2001 SCUTREA, University of Stirling: Popular Cultural Images of Teachers.

2000 SCUTREA, University of Nottingham: Including the Excluded Image: Cultural Images of Teachers.

1999 BERA, University of Sussex: Perceptions of Change and Changing Perceptions.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Dr Ann Harris is:

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.
  • Member of the Universities Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) Continuing Professional Development Committee.
  • Member of the Editorial Executive Board and Review Panel of the Journal of Vocational Education and Training.
  • Member of the National Association for the Teaching of English's Post-16 and Higher Education Committee and of NATE Council.
  • Member of the Editorial Management Board and Review Panel of the Journal of English in Education.
  • Member of the Sholokhov Moscow State University Humanities Bulletin Editorial Board.
  • Member of the European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing.
  • External Examiner for the Master’s in Education at Edge Hill University. Previously External Examiner for the BA (Hons) English and Popular Culture at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff and Associate Chief Moderator: Commonwealth Youth in Development Diploma.
  • Referee for National Foundation for Academic Research, Educational Research Journal.
  • Referee for the Journal of Educational Studies.
  • Referee for Learning, Media and Technology
  • Referee Springplus.
  • Reviewer NATE English/Drama/Media.
  • Research Reviewer and Evaluator: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada.
  • Governor of Kirkburton Middle School.

Research Degree Supervision

Ann is a member of the School of Education and Professional Development’s Research and Enterprise Committee and of the School’s Research Integrity and Ethics Committee.

Currently supervising

Main Supervisor:

• 8 PhDs
• 2 EdDs


• 5EdDs

Completed supervisions:

2016 PhD: Learning Experiences of Libyan Master’s students at a UK University: Intercultural Adaptation and Identity.

2015 PhD: Second Language Academic Literacy Development in Libyan Higher Education

2014 EdD: The influence of an educational programme upon the attitudes of nursing students toward the care of ill older people: a critical realist evaluation study.

2012 EdD: The influence of cultural diversity on student learning interactions: A qualitative study of rapport management in an undergraduate problem-based learning group.
2010 EdD: A multi-capital approach to understanding participation in professional management education.
2010 PhD: The effectiveness of student-centred learning in the development of a new communication curriculum in China.
2008 PhD: The experience of Arab university medical students whose main subjects are taught in English.
2007 EdD: An analysis of the discourses and discursive devices used to represent learning disability in the stories told in the classroom to students by learning disability nurse teachers.
2006 PhD: How British Mirpuri Pakistani women identify themselves and form their identities.
2006 PhD: An investigation into the development of Arabic literacy in kindergartens in Jordan.
2002 PhD: Exploring adolescents' experiences of alienation from British secondary schools.
2002 PhD: Teaching styles in the delivery of Arabic grammar in the south of Jordan.

Internally examined:

  • 9 PhDs
  • 2 EdDs

Externally examined:

  • June 2012 PhD Nottingham Trent University

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