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Following completion of his postgraduate studies, Michael taught media and communications policy since 1995 at a range of universities, including City University (London), University of Westminster, London Metropolitan University, Middlesex University and Kingston University. He joined Journalism and Media from City University in September 2008.

After six years as Research Co-ordinator and REF Unit of Assessment 36 Coordinator (2009-2015), he is currently the Deputy to this role.

He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Research and Scholarship

Michael’s research and scholarly interests include media policy; political economy; European and international media; online publishing & journalism; new media, interactive media and the internet; technology; media organizations; electronic media history

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Assistant editor of the International Journal of Digital Television (2016-) and member of the editorial board (2012-)

Guest editor for Special Issue of the International Journal of Digital Television (July 2015)

Peer reviewer for book proposals, monographs and journal articles (Sage, Thomson Reuters, Palgrave Macmillan, Intellect)

The City University Spring Conference - Digital Switchover: Policies and Implementation, 16 May 2006, City University, London (Co-organiser)

Commission by Fondazione Rosselli, Italy on behalf of RAI for a series of three reports on the UK new media market with particular focus on the BBC and its IPTV/broadband TV plans (2006).

Contributor to the LSE Media Policy Project and openDemocracy

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2012)

Research Degree Supervision


  • media policy;
  • political economy;
  • European and international media;
  • online publishing & journalism;


In 2010, Michael was awarded the PgCert in Professional Development - Higher Education Practice: Research Supervision (University of Huddersfield).

Administrative Responsibilities

Deputy Research Co-Ordinator for Journalism & Media and UoA 36 (Communication, Cultural and Media Studies, Library and Information Management)

Member of School Research Committee (School of Music, Humanities and Media)

Deputy postgraduate research admissions tutor

Postgraduate research students’ personal tutor

Deputy research seminars programme coordinator

Teaching and Professional Activities

Module Leader for:

AHC3102 Media Policy, Regulation and Ethics (Year 3)

AIC2108 Digital Culture (Year 2)

Teaching on:

AFC1112 Politics, Society and Journalism (Year 1)

Supervising final year and MA projects.