Portrait of Emeritus Professor William Stafford Emeritus Professor William Stafford

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Bill Stafford is a historian of ideas, especially of social and political ideas, and his 'home base' is in British thought of the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. But he has ranged widely, and is for example interested in literature as a source for historians, and has written about Mozart. He teaches on the foundation level 'Keywords' syllabus. At advanced level he teaches a 'Plato to Nato' module on classics of political philosophy, and also a syllabus on 'Women in Western Thought' from Mary Astell in the seventeenth century to Simone de Beauvoir in the twentieth.

Since obtaining his first degree and doctorate in Oxford, he has taught at Huddersfield (since 1972); he led the creation and development of the pioneering and successful part-time MA in History here. He is now Professor and was for several years Director of Research in the School of Music and Humanities.

Research Degree Supervision

As an Emeritus Professor, William Stafford is not taking on new research supervision