Portrait of Mr Braham Hughes Mr Braham Hughes

b.c.hughes@hud.ac.uk | 01484 472748


1993-1996               University College Salford

Research and Scholarship

Research interests lie in Sound for Visual image and film sound

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Hughes, B. and Wakefield, J. (2015) ‘An Investigation Into Plausibility In the Mixing of Foley Sounds In Film And Television’. In: 138th International Audio Engineering Society Convention 2015, 7th - 10th May 2015, Warsaw, Poland


Hughes, B. and Wakefield, J. (2012) ‘User Interface Evaluation for Discrete Sound Placement in Film and TV Post-Production’. In: 132nd Audio Engineering Society Convention, 26th - 29th April 2012, Budapest, Hungary

Research Degree Supervision

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