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My original technical background is in Mechanical Engineering Design and the gradual integration of computing via CAD,CAM and robotics into design and production led me to become more dependant upon the use of computer based systems. I have worked in the engineering industry as a Design Engineer and as a Maintenance Engineer before moving into education.

After a short spell working in a secondary school, I made the move to further education eventually becoming Head of the Manufacturing and Engineering Technology School at Oldham College.

During my time at Oldham College I made the move to be Head of the School of Business and Information Technology and this is where I became more interested in business systems

During my time at Oldham, I also worked as a part time FEFC inspector as well as leading many collaborations with local industrial and commercial companies.

I left the college to work as a consultant for a period of five years during which time I worked on projects for ICL, Shell, Thompson, United Utilities and Business Link. I also carried out sub-contract work for several management consultancies which involved assessment and training activities.

I moved to the School of Computing and Engineering in 2001 being appointed as a Senior Lecturer after carrying out some part time work for the university for the previous two years

My first degree is a BA in Technology from the Open University and I later followed a research based Master Degree in Education at the Holly Bank Campus at the University of Huddersfield. This was followed by an MSc in Information Systems some time later.

My teaching in the department of Informatics centres around Application Development and Systems Analysis with a special interest in the use of .NET technologies to support small to medium sized businesses.


Research and Scholarship

I am involved in a KTP with a local manufacturing company and this will enable me to extend my research interests in web-services and ASP based technologies.

As I am relatively new to working in universities, I have not had any papers published but have carried out research in industrial and education contexts.

Research Degree Supervision

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