Portrait of  Caterina Benincasa-Sharman Caterina Benincasa-Sharman

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Senior Lecturer in Product Design and Historical and Theoretical Studies in the School of Art, Design & Architecture, since 2000 with over 20 years experience  teaching HE, in permanent posts at Leeds College of Art & Design, The Arts Insitute Bournemouth and University College Suffolk

Currently writing up a PhD in the Department of History

2002 Masters in Cultural Studies

1999 Cert Ed

1993 BA (Hons)  Design History & The Visual Arts

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Research and Scholarship


Research Group Membership:

  • IDL Innovative Design Lab
  • CUDAS Centre for Urban design, Architecture & Sustainability
  • ABIS Academy for British and Irish Studies

The focus of my current PhD  research looks at the events and outputs that made up the 1951 Festival of Britain celebrations in Leeds, York, Hull, Manchester and Liverpool. These northern English cities used the Festival as a catalyst for  boosting civic pride and consolidating their post-war identies of place, by restoring, preserving or designing buildings of  significance for internal and external audiences. Supervisor is Professor Paul Ward, History, The  University Huddersfield

In addition  to interests in  Urban Humanities, Caterina also undertakes research in theoretical and pedagogic aspects of the  digital simulation of  historical artefacts and the built environment with design and CAD practitioners

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Unver, E., Benincasa-Sharman, C., Silkstone, R., Norris, P., Stockton, G. and Russel, P. (2017) Design and Development of Alternative Vectorthotic Insole: Technical Report Technical Report submitted to HealthStep ltd. (Submitted)

Unver, E., Benincasa-Sharman, C., li, Z., Markham, R. and Bentum, L. (2017) Visualising & Animating Vectorthotic Products [Video]

Frank, F., Unver, E. and Benincasa-Sharman, C. (2017) ‘Digital sculpting for historical representation: Neville tomb case studyDigital Creativity . ISSN 1462-6268


Benincasa, C (2016) ‘Liverpool Resurgent: How Liverpool used their Arts Festival status in the 1951 Festival of Britain to improve its image’. In: European Association of Urban History, Helsinki 2016 Reinterpreting Cities, 13th International Conference for Urban History, 24th - 27th August, Helsinki

Swann, D., Wallwein, L., Roberts, S. and Benincasa-Sharman, C.(2016) LifeHacket Trio. David Swann (Unpublished).

Benincasa-Sharman, C (2016) ‘What do they think? A potential research methodology for understanding identities of place from a community perspective’. In: Managing Complex Social Housing Urban Redevelopment Though Improved Project mangement and Value Generation, 16th - 20th May 2016, Federal University Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Benincasa-Sharman, C., Taylor, A. and Unver, E. (2016) ‘Populating Praxis of Place, Stonehenge: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration’. In: School of Art, Design & Architecture Research Conference 2016, 14th January 2016, University of Huddersfield


Benincasa-Sharman, C (2015) ‘Architectural Nous: How York Wrote its Identity Through Architecture During the 1951 Festival of Britain’. In: Reading Architecture Across the Arts and Humanities, 5th - 6th December 2015, University Stirling


Taylor, A., Unver, E. and Benincasa-Sharman, C. (2014) ‘Material shifts in praxis: Projections of digital humanities embodied within space and place’. In: Transition: Re-thinking Textiles and Surfaces, 26th and 27th November 2014, School of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK , pp. 1-1

Taylor, A., Benincasa-Sharman, C. and Unver, E. (2014) ‘3D digital modelling, fabrication and installation for understanding space and place’. In: 7th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, 17th-19th November 2014, Seville, Spain


Benincasa-Sharman, C (2013) ‘We are not dealing with someone else’s “left overs”! Northern English Cities’ response to the 1951 Festival of Britain’. In: Formations and Representations of British National Identity, 19-20 September 2013, Warwick University

Benincasa, C (2013) ‘From Repellent to Resurgent- Liverpool and the 1951 Festival of Britain’. In: Transformation of Urban Britain Since 1945, 9-10 July 2013, Centre for Urban History University Leicester

Benincasa-Sharman, C (2013) ‘From Ration Books to Resurrection: How northern cities reached out to the people during the 1951 Festival of Britain.’. In: Social History Annual Conference 2013, 25th - 27th March 2013, University of Leeds


Taylor, A., Unver, E. and Benincasa-Sharman, C. (2012) ‘Hyper naturalism and simulacra in Stonehenge art’. In: 4th International Euro-Mediterranean Conference (EuroMed 2012), Cyprus, 29 October - 3 November 2012

Benincasa-Sharman, C (2012) BBC Stoke Breakfast with Pete Morgan - Caterina Benincasa-Sharman talking about Staffordshire's contribution to the 1951 Festival of Britain in the London based and Travelling Exhibitions. [Audio]


Benincasa-Sharman, C (2011) ‘The 1951 Festival of Britain: A Northern Perspective’. In: York Festival, July 12th 2011, Bedern Hall, York

Benincasa-Sharman, C (2011) ‘Signposts: The Festival of Britain 1951History Today , pp. 54-55. ISSN 0018-2753


Benincasa, C (2010) ‘Pigeons not Doves: Liverpool’s Contribution to the Festival of Britain, 1951’. In: Modern British History Conference, 22nd - 23rd JUne 2010, St Andrews University, Scotland , pp. 1-9


Benincasa, C (2009) ‘“Its 1951 not 951” How did Leeds and York Represent their Identity of Place in the Festival of Britain Celebrations?’. In: Conference on Modern British History, 23-24 June 2009, Department of History, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow


Benincasa, C (2007) ‘Strawberries and sinners: Lilian Ream’s photographs of migrant East End labour and the Wishbech Fruiting Campaign’. In: Inter War Rural History Research Group International Conference, 4-6 January 2007, Royal Holloway University of London, Egham, England


Benincasa, C (2004) ‘Feeling Follows Function: Gendered Responses to the Teaching of Material Culture’. In: 4th International Conference on Design History and Design Studies: 'Coincidence & Co-incidence', 1-5 November 2004, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico

Benincasa, C (2004) ‘Has Art History Had its Day? A Pedagogical Experiment into the Relevance of Historical and Contextual Studies for Fine Art Undergraduates’. In: Association of Art Historians Annual Conference: ‘Old/New?, 1-3 April 2004, University of Nottingham


Examiner at Cambridge Art School for  undergraduate and postgraduate Art, Design Histroy and Critical Theory modules 2014-ongoing

External Examiner for Historical and Theoretical Studies Modules on 3D Design and Contemporary Crafts Degrees at University College Falmouth (2011-ongoing) and Interior Design (2012-ongoing)

External Examiner for Historical and Theoretical Studies Modules on Graphic Design, Marketing, Interior Architecture and Product Design Degrees at Teeside University (2006-2011)Tier 1 External

Caterina’s research has received acknowledgement in A Symbol for the Nation: Abram Games and the Festival of Britain, and in a documentary by Julian Hendy The 1951 Festival of Britain: A Brave New World (BBC2, 8.15pm, 24 September 2011, Proudfoot Films).

Research Degree Supervision

  • Design & Architectural History
  • Urban History
  • Space & Place Identity
  • Digital Simulation of Historical Artefacts

Teaching and Professional Activities

Caterina  teaches Product Design and Architecture students in the Department of Architecture & 3D Design


TID1016 Behavioural & Cultural Issues (Cultural Behaviour & Research Methodologies for Product Design)

THD1340 Responsible Research & Development (Product Design Major Project Research Report)

TIATHD1346 Major Project (Product Design Studio Projects)

TT1121 History & Theory 2 (Architecture, Art & Design History & Theory from the Renaissance to Postmodernism & Cultural Theory)

THA1121 History & Theory 3 Architecture Dissertation


TMA1160 Master of Architecture Dissertation