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Claire Evans joined the University of Huddersfield fashion team from University of Leeds in 2005, and is currently Course Leader for BA (Hons) Fashion Design with Marketing and Production. Prior to entering education she ran a successful international womenswear design label for a number of years.

Claire’s research interests are in the creative research processes involved in the design, production and cutting of garments, the integration and use of technology in the design process through computerised pattern cutting and grading. She has been involved in a number of funded projects looking at how students engage in their fashion research in both physical and digital environments.

Research and Scholarship

Research projects currently conducted by Claire investigate the research propensities of fashion students. Researching is a key skill fashion designers rely on to inform their creative practice. The increased use of digital resources integrated into students’ research practice has led to a shift in fashion design students’ research investigation skill sets. Projects aimed at investigative methods to support students conducting research in both digital and physical arenas have been developed. ‘My Suitcase’, a web learning resource has been developed and continues to be populated, this was launched in September 2013.

Current research projects:-

  • Engaging the digital native: Developing a high fidelity product visualisation archive to support teaching & learning. - Teaching and Learning Funded Project
  • Engaging the digital native: testing product visualisation template, enhancement of primary research skills for improving employability


2013-2014 Co exhibition curator (30%) ‘Acceptable in the 80s’. The Fashion Gallery, Snibston Discovery Museum, Leicestershire

<2013 Co Investor (50%) Teaching and Learning Project funding. Awarded £2000 from the University of Huddersfield

2010 Co Investor (50%) Teaching and Learning Project funding. Awarded £8000 from the University of Huddersfield

2008 Principal Investor Individual Award Project funding. Awarded £2000 from the University of Huddersfield

2005 Principal Investor School Academic Affairs funding. Awarded £1500 from the University of Huddersfield

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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External examiner roles:

  • Grad Dip Fashion Technology, PgDip Pattern and Garment Technology University of the Arts London
  • Field of 3-D Design (Level 5-6) University of Northampton
  • BA(Hons) Fashion &Textiles University of Bournemouth


Research Degree Supervision

1. Fashion Design

2. Pattern Cutting

3. Manufacture and production

4. Fashion Archiving

5. Entrepreneurship, setting up a fashion company


Enterprise Activities

Skillset accreditation - responsible for successful submission/presentation to gain the Creative Skills tick for the Fashion Design with Marketing and Production course accredited February 2014

Teaching and Professional Activities

Course Leader Fashion Design with Marketing and Production
Admissions tutor Fashion Design with Marketing and Production
Final year tutor Fashion Design with Marketing and Production
Personnel Tutor all years

Module leader:
TFD1131 Marketing and Production 1
TID1131 Marketing and Production 2
THD 1340 Research and Development
THD1343 Theory for Fashion Design