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Rob Lycett is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Art, Design and Architecture. Rob has an MA in Smart Design, awarded in 2007, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Development (Higher Education Practice), awarded in 2005. For several years he worked in the graphic design industry as a senior designer and photographer, and before that he worked in printed textiles as an artist and silk screen printer (silk and cashmere).

In 2004 he founded ‘Digital Arts [North]’ – an organization aiming to promote digital arts practice in the Yorkshire region. As the director of da[n], Rob curated a number of exhibitions and events, staged at the Dean Clough Galleries in Halifax (2004-2007) and the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival (2004). In 2005 he curated a symposium on ‘Glitch Aesthestics’ at Dean Clough which explored themes regarding glitch art and the visual manifestations of computer malfunction. In 2007 Rob decided to concentrate on his own research and art practice.

Rob was a member of the Digital Research Unit (Huddersfield, Bates Mill) until its dissolution in 2010 and presented his ‘re:draw’ artwork at the Culture Lab (University of Newcastle) in 2006. ‘re:draw’ was a series of digital artworks that was funded by the Arts Council (England) in 2005.

A Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Rob currently contributes to teaching on BA Animation & Motion Graphics, BA Illustration, BA Communication Design and MA supervision (animation and moving image). Rob is year two and dissertation tutor for Animation & Motion Graphics and Illustration.

Research and Scholarship

Things to do while being still {www.breakingthings.info}

“digital kills stillness” (Mangolte, 2011)

Rob Lycett’s creative practice is a collection of acts of poetic ‘stillness’ performed within various analogue {indexical} and digital {numerical} media. These acts are contextualized by drawing upon the literary theories of the ‘Ouvroir de littérature potentielle’ (Oulipo) and the writings of Barthes and Deleuze.

Rob Lycett is currently ongoing with a practice based PhD, at the University of Huddersfield, which is mapping creative journeys, waymarked by emerging questions and challenges.

Can digital acts (database, generative, realtime) become truly poetic and “a ‘vertical' investigation of a situation”? (Derren, 1963)

Are citational art forms (textual, visual) a natural partner for digital art practices?

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Lycett, R (2016) ‘Attitudes to reading: drifting towards objects and events’. In: Library Interventions, 7th April 2016, Blenheim Walk Gallery, Leeds College of Art

Lycett, R (2016) we share some words... [Show/Exhibition]

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Lycett, R (2014) Stones [Artefact]

Lycett, R., MacDonald, J. and Emmanouil, S. (2014) Horizons [Artefact]

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Lycett, R (2012) 49 Waltzes for Elmet Available at: http://www.the-map-room.info/poetry/

Lycett, R (2012) one centimetre [Artefact]

Lycett, R (2012) A sixty minute walk in Redacre [Artefact]


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Lycett, R (2011) Residua {2011} [Artefact]

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Lycett, R (2011) Singularity {2011} [Artefact]

Lycett, R (2011) REM 2:11 {2011} [Artefact]


Lycett, R (2010) absence {2010} [Video]


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Lycett, R (2004) re:draw [Artefact]

Lycett, R (2004) draw [Artefact]


Arts Council (England) funding 2005

Peer reviewer for Digital Creativity.

Research Degree Supervision

Rob Lycett supports students with diverse backgrounds and interests, such as Animators, Motion Artists, Photographers, Contemporary Artists & Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Film Makers.

  • Locative Media and Mapping
  • Citational & Constraint based art forms (literature, digital, interactive)
  • Animation, Moving Image, Film & Sound (time based, real time)

Applicants with related interests are encouraged to discuss their proposals by email.