Portrait of  Peter T. T. Norris Peter T. T. Norris

p.t.t.norris@hud.ac.uk | 01484 473744


Born in Surrey, but formative years spent in Northumberland, with a family from East Anglia, I am definitely English. After a degree in Marketing (Engineering) I spent 20 years in industrial marketing with various concerns, principally in the energy sector. Following some work with the DTI (now BERR) and various consultancy activity, I ‘fell’ into the academic world.

Since then I have been involved in a variety of courses across the institution, including course leadership, external validation for other institutions, member of various University committees, including Teaching and Learning, Planning and Resources, Senate, etc.

Research and Scholarship

Marketing and business to non-business people, primarily designers.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Unver, E., Benincasa-Sharman, C., Silkstone, R., Norris, P., Stockton, G. and Russel, P. (2017) Design and Development of Alternative Vectorthotic Insole: Technical Report Technical Report submitted to HealthStep ltd. (Submitted)