Portrait of  Alistair  Billam Alistair Billam

alistair.billam@hud.ac.uk | 01484 478409


Alistair spent seven years in the Sociology Department at Lancaster University first as an Undergraduate and then as a postgraduate research student before joining the University of Huddersfield in 1995. He has contributed widely to teaching and was made Subject Area Leader for Media and Journalism in 2006.

Research and Scholarship

Alistair is currently researching the cultural context of the ‘Progressive Rock’ movement in the UK during the 1970s. He is particularly interested in the relationship between ‘prog’ and the emerging Punk subculture of the mid to late 70s and how this was represented in the media at that time.

Research Degree Supervision

Alistair can co-supervise in areas of:

  • Qualitative audience research
  • Youth subcultures
  • Progressive Rock