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f.j.woodhouse@hud.ac.uk | 01484 478128


Qualifications: BSc(Hons), PGCE, MBA, EdD, FHEA

Fiona taught in Secondary schools for 15 years mainly as a teacher of Biology and Science whilst holding other responsibilities during this time. She is now the PGCE Science Tutor with responsibility for Science Education at the University. Fiona is additionally involved in the MA in Professional Development and MTL programmes.

Research and Scholarship

Current Research Interests

  • Selection of trainees onto a Post Graduate Certificate in Education course
  • Developments in Science Education Curriculum
  • How Science can be made more relevant by the use of media reports.
  • The role of Citizenship in an 11 to 19 school and in particular how science can be part of the delivery of this aspect.
  • Developments in Generic Education Teaching  Role of management theory in Education

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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  • Member of the Yorkshire Initial Teacher Tutors in Science (YITTS)
  • Member of the Community Science College @ Thornhill Science Steering Group
  • Governor of Park Lane Trust


  • Member of  The Association of Tutors in Science Education (ATSE)


  • Member of National Advisers and Inspectors Group for Science (NAIGS)
  • Member of Association of Science Education (ASE) Research Committee


  • Member of European Science Education Research Association (ESERA)

External Examiner

  • External Examiner Science PGCE University of Chichester 2006-10
  • External Examiner Science PGCE University of Leeds, 2009-10

Research Degree Supervision