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I qualified as a Registered General Nurse (RGN) in 1988 having completed my training at Wakefield and Pontefract School of Nursing. After qualifying I gained a post as a Staff Nurse on the Intensive Care Unit/ Neurosurgical Ward at Pinderfields Hospital.  By 1993, I was working as a Sister on the ICU/Neurosurgical Ward after completing the ENB 148 Neurosurgical and Neuromedical Nursing Course and the ENB 100 Intensive Care Course. I continued until 2001 when I was seconded to the role of Clinical Educator – Critical Care for the Mid Yorkshire Trust whilst working 1 day a week in ICU. When the secondment ended in February 2004 I took up a half time post as a Practice Development Sister for Critical Care on the regional Burns Unit at Pinderfields and the other half of my role was as a Lecturer Practitioner at the University of Huddersfield. This became a fulltime post as a Senior Lecturer in Adult and Child Nursing in May 2005.

Teaching & Academic Responsibilities

Teach across pre registration (both Degree and Diploma) and post registration nursing programmes, with particular relation to nursing skills (simulation), and acute care. 

Module Leader

  • Nursing Practice (Adult) 3
  • Care of the acutely ill adult
  • Nursing practice simulation

Contributions to

  • Nursing Theory and Skills
  • Post Registration Courses – Tissue Viability and Wound Management , Leg Ulcer Management

Other responsibilities

  • Link Tutor to various wards at Pinderfields General Hospital
  • Admissions Tutor for Dip HE Adult Nursing
  • ALERT faculty member
  • Clinical Skills Network

Research and Scholarship

Completed a Literature review of the factors influencing outcomes in nurses CPE for an MSc in Health Professional Education (2006).Member of a team within the School promoting the use of simulation as a teaching and learning strategy.  Involved in a number of research and evaluation studies related to this.

Project work on Giving Students ‘Choice’ of Assessment from the Higher Education Academy.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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